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Dance Research Guide: Directories

a guide to outstanding dance resources for research and enrichment

Dance directories

For general pointers on how to find directories, follow this link.

The Grey House Performing Arts Directory (2017-18)

Published annually, Grey House PAD gives current information on over 8,000 Dance Companies, Instrumental Music Programs, Opera Companies, Choral Groups, Theater Companies, Performing Arts Series and Performing Arts Facilities. In addition to mailing address, phone & fax numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites, dozens of other fields of available information include mission statement, key contacts, facilities, seating capacity, season, attendance and more. This directory also provides an important Information Resources section that covers hundreds of Performing Arts Associations, Magazines, Newsletters, Trade Shows, Directories, Databases and Industry Web Sites.  Find this directory in the Reference stacks by call number PN 1561 G74.  An earlier edition, 2009, is in the main stacks.

Professional Associations

Most of these have their own special directories; click the Professional Associations tab for more.

Other directories

Dance Annual Directory [PDF, 2023-24]

 Brought to you by Dance Magazine, DM's 2009 description read, "The Dance Annual Directory is your must-have guide to resources in the dance world. Looking for studios in your area? A photographer for your next show? Workshop and intensive opportunities? [Dance Annual Directory] brings you the essential info on hundreds of dance companies, schools, professionals, costume suppliers, and much more." DM offers a 'clickable' version of this resource through its web site at An alternative to this web connection is consulting the June issue of Dance Magazine each year, OR, as perhaps the best option, going to Dance Magazine online via Academic Search Ultimate, then searching for "dance annual directory."

Gale Directory Library

Though this 'directory of directories' only shows you what directories are out there, it's nevertheless a great tool.  Try a "name" search for dance, which shows you the names of some 67 specialized dance directories, or danc* (dance, dancers, dancing etc.), which shows 178.  Some of the results are journals, so you may want to Limit by "Directories in Print."