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Dance Research Guide: Using FrogScholar

a guide to outstanding dance resources for research and enrichment

A quick look at FrogScholar

When you want a quick view of what's available on a topic, FrogScholar is a great choice.  FrogScholar will not only find materials available in the library building, but also e-materials like online articles from databases.  Recommended Content Type selections for the average search are Book/ebook; Book chapter; Journal article; Dissertation/thesis; and Conference proceeding. "Video" may also be helpful. A brief guide can be found here. (An additional helpful hint is below the image.)

Note 12/2021: in the new version of FrogScholar (Summon), there is a screen refresh after every Content Type addition. To expedite this process, add the following phrase at the end of the url (web address) at the top of the screen after you have done your initial search - before selecting "dance" as Discipline or selecting a subject heading. (You won't need to do this if you use the FrogScholar "dance" search box in the right column, where these formats are pre-selected.) 


Where's FrogScholar?

1.) At  OR

2.) The search box below:

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