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Dance Research Guide: Research compendiums

a guide to outstanding dance resources for research and enrichment

Research compendiums - gateways to research on dance

Dance: Current Selected Research / University of Delaware Libraries, Museum and Press [direct link]. First available as a print publication by AMS Press, ca1989-2012 (back issues are available in the main stacks at call number GV1580 D2317), this valuable publication has been taken up by the University of Delaware which made it freely available. However, there seem to be no entries past 2018. (Note: there is a gap between 2012 and 2018, vol. 9 of this publication, when this title was not being published.)

Dance Studies Association, the scholarly umbrella association now encompassing the Society of Dance History Scholars and Congress for Research in Dance, has created a web page devoted to Past Conference Proceedings that is under construction as of Feb. 2022, but says that all proceedings will be available "shortly." This page will apparently offer proceedings only through 2019, however - more recent and future presenters will have the option of publishing their papers in Dance Research Journal (no proceedings will be published in the future). Conference papers prior to the establishment of DSA are available under the previously organizational names.

Proceedings of the Society of Dance History Scholars - since the Society is now folded into the Dance Studies Association, along with CORD, the Congress on Research in Dance, some of the Proceedings of the Society of Dance History Scholars are perusable full text at - scroll down to "Past Conference Proceedings." Confusingly, current conference proceedings are under " Publications.". HThe proceedings are abstracted by RILM Abstracts from 1982-2014 (EBSCO Host interface) and the database Proquest Research Library offers summaries of the Society's proceedings from 1998-2014 (not full text).

Conference Proceedings, Congress on Research in Dance / New York: New York University - each print issue, going through 2009, is call numbered [Quarto] GV1583 C664, also is individually titled, e.g. Dance Studies and Global Feminism, 41st Annual Conference, November 14-16, 2008. For print volumes, search the  catalog using a Words anywhere search:  conference "congress on research in dance".  Listings of papers 2007- 2016 are viewable through FrogScholar via this search: congress on research in dance conference proceedings). Since CORD is now merged into the Dance Studies Association, listings of topics, and sometimes full text, from 2011+ are available from the Dance Studies Association website . In addition, full text is available for conferences 2011-16 through Cambridge Scientific (TCU no longer has a current subscription to Cambridge, but access for those years is still intact). Note: similar CORD items are in the catalog under the title of Dance Research Annual, no doubt associated with CORD's Dance Research Journal.

National Dance Education Organization / NDEO's conference proceedings have previously been available full text; at the moment, however, only a list of Past Conferences is available on NDEO's website. 

Society for Dance Research, out of the UK, is another source for research, e.g. Dance Research: Journal of the Society for Dance Research. A limited array of conference proceedings can be downloaded from the website.

Oxford Handbooks Online  - while complete content on Oxford Handbooks Online requires a subscription or purchase, public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription; some full-text is available as well. As such, this is a great resource for viewing current and past research topics in dance. While the TCU Library is not currently subscribed, information from past subscription years is available, at least when accessing from an on-campus computer, and the library has purchased many of the dance-related Oxford Handbooks in "ebook" form (consult the library catalog for titles - the database will not necessarily reflect which titles the library owns). 

Routledge Dance Studies Reader - this title, published approximately every 10 years, is a source for fine scholarly dance writing.  Unfortunately the TCU Library catalog does not show detailed versions of records on these items.  Below are the topic lists.  Note:  some later editions repeat titles from earlier editions, possibly with amendments or updates.

The Routledge Dance studies reader [ebook] / edited by Jens Richard and Yutian Wong. Routledge, 2019. 1 Introduction; Passinho: an introduction; FRE!HEIT: an introduction; Texting: an introduction; Dance studies: an introduction; Structuring dance studies; Part I: Methods and approaches; Part II: Practice and performance; Part III: Dance as embodied ideology; Part IV: Dance on the market and in the media; Part V: formations of the field; Concluding remarks; Notes; Part I Methods and Approaches; 2 Dance history source materials; 3 Shifting perspectives on dance ethnography; 4 Dance studies/cultural studiesIntroduction; Dance and interdisciplinarity; Early cultural studies as intervention; Cultural studies in the United States; Cultural studies in crisis; Dance studies/cultural studies; Notes; 5 Dance and gender: formalism and semiotics reconsidered; 6 An introduction to dance analysis; 7 At home in the world? The bharatanatyam dancer as transnational interpreter; Orientalism and globality; Tactics of globality: alternatives to orientalism; Notes; 8 Differentiating phenomenology and dance; 9 Epilogue to an epilogue: historicizing the re- in dance reenactment; The situation of the 1980sBeyond impersonation: the baroque as anti-modern; Difference/distance; Translation and history; Space, place, and contiguity; The question of "there" and the production of distance; The fugitive oscillation; Notes; Part II Practice and performance; 10 Grasping practice: reflections on practices of knowing and researching in dance education; Observation I: constellations of teaching; Grasping practice: field and methodological perspective; Practice-as-Research and field of knowledge; (Re)Working knowledge-or teaching with a (natural) science understanding of knowledge; Notes11 I am a dancer; 12 Reworking the ballet: stillness and queerness in Swan Lake, 4 Acts; 13 Getting off the Orient Express; 14 Hips, hip-notism, hip(g)nosis: the mulata performances of Ninón Sevilla; 15 Cabbages and kings: disability, dance, and some timely considerations; 16 Improvised dance in the reconstruction of THEM; Introduction; Ishmael Houston-Jones: the politics of dancing; "For some reason it still matters"; "I wish I had taken a photo/I could rip it up"; Notes; 17 Staging choreomusical research: : A case study of the historiography of experimental...; Choreomusical research "Through the Body, Through Space"Body memory and embodied music cognition in (and through) dance; Notes; 18 Working out contemporaneity: dance and post-Fordism; Two images of movement; The dance and the walk: two politics of dance; Exploitation of movement; Note; Part III Dance as embodied ideology; 19 In pursuit of the sylph: ballet in the Romantic period; 20 Nijinsky: modernism and heterodox representations of masculinity; 21 From interculturalism to historicism: reflections on classical Indian dance (2000/1).

The Routledge dance studies reader [ebook]  / ed. by Alexandra Carter and Janet O'Shea.  London; New York:  Routledge, 2010.  Also in print, GV1594 R58 2010 - 1. Roots/routes of dance studies / Janet O'Shea -- Part 1.  Making dance -- 2. Choreographers: dancing for de Valois and Ashton / Annabel Farjeon -- 3. Torse: there are no fixed points in space / Merce Cunningham with Jacqueline Lesschaeve -- 4. Recovering Hurston, reconsidering the choreographer / Anthea Kraut -- 5. Reworking the ballet: stillness and queerness in 'Swan Lake, 4 acts' / Vida Midgelow -- 6. Making space, speaking spaces / Carol Brown -- 7. Reflections on new directions in Indian dance /  Chandralekha -- 8. What's it worth to ya?: adaptation and anachronism: Rennie Harris's Puremovement and Shakespeare / Anna B. Scott -- Part II. Performing dance -- 9. I am a dancer / Martha Graham -- 10. Tracing the past: writing history through the body / Ann Cooper Albright -- 11. Cabbages and kings: disability, dance and some timely considerations / Adam Benjamin -- 12. Hips, hip-notism, hip(g)nosis: the mulata performances of Ninon Sevilla / Melissa Blanco Borelli -- 13. Still curious / Emilyn Claid -- Part III. Ways of looking -- 14. Dance and gender: formalism and semiotics reconsidered / Stephanie Jordan and Helen Thomas -- 15. A tapestry of intertexts: dance analysis for the twenty-first century / Janet Lansdale -- 16. Looking at movement as culture: contact improvisation to disco / Cynthia J. Novack -- 17. Getting off the Orient Express / Shobana Jeyasingh -- 18. Bridging the critical distance / Marcia B. Siegel -- 19. Two analyses of "Dancing in the dark" ('The band wagon,' 1953) / Richard Dyer and John Mueller -- Part IV. Locating dance in history and society -- 20. In pursuit of the sylph: ballet in the Romantic period / Deborah Jowitt -- 21. Nijinsky: modernism and heterodox representations of masculinity / Ramsay Burt -- 22. Women writing the body: let's watch a little how she dances / Elizabeth Dempster -- 23. Gambling femininity: tango wallflowers and femmes fatales / Marta E. Savigliano -- 24. Choreographing a flexible Taiwan: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Taiwan's changing identity / Yatin Lin -- 25. Reality check: 'Dancing with the stars' and the American dream / Juliet McMains -- 26. From interculturalism to historicism: reflections on classical Indian dance / Pallabi Chakravorty -- Part V. Debating the discipline -- 27. Choreographing history / Susan Leigh Foster -- 28. Differentiating phenomenology and dance / Philipa Rothfield -- 29. Dance studies in the international academy: genealogy of a disciplinary formation / Jens Richard Giersdorf -- 30. Shifting perspectives on dance ethnography / Theresa Jill Buckland -- 31. Slamdancing with the boundaries of theory and practice: the legitimisation of popular dance / Sherril Dodds -- 32. What is art? / Betty Redfern.

The Routledge dance studies reader [print - Google Books preview available] / [edited by] Alexandra Carter.  London; New York: Routledge, 1998.  Print only, GV 1594 R68 1998 - Part 1, Making dance / Alexandra Carter -- 2. Choreographers : Dancing for de Valois and Ashton / Annabel Farjeon – 3. Torse : There are no fixed points in space / Merce Cunningham, Jacqueline Lesschaeve – 4. No to spectacle ... / Yvonne Rainer – 5. Pina Bausch : Dance and emancipation / Norbert Servos – 6. Imaginary homelands : Creating a new dance language / Shobana Jeyasingh.  Part II, Performing Dance: Introduction / Alexandra Carter – 7. Dancers talking about performance / Barbara Newman – 8. I am a dancer / Martha Graham – 9. A dancing consciousness Rebecca Hilton, Bryan Smith – 10. Spacemaking : Experiences of a virtual body / Susan Kozel.  Part III, Reviewing dance: Introduction / Alexandra Carter – 11. Bridging the critical distance / Marcia B. Siegel – 12. Between description and deconstruction / Roger Copeland – 13. Oh, That Pineapple Rag! / Arlene Croce – 14. Spring : Ashtons Symphonic Variations in America / Alastair Macaulay.  Part IV, Studying dance - conceptual concerns : Introduction / Alexandra Carter – 15. What is art? / Betty Redfern – 16. A vulnerable glance : Seeing dance through phenomenology / Sondra Fraleigh – 17. Dance history source materials / June Layson – 18. Embodying difference : Issues in dance and cultural studies / Jane C. Desmond – 19. An introduction to dance analysis / Janet Adshead – 20. Dance, gender and culture / Ted Polhemus – 21. Choreographing history / Susan Leigh Foster.  Part V, Locating dance in history and society: Introduction / Alexandra Carter – 22. Myths of origin / Andrée Grau – 23. In pursuit of the sylph : Ballet in the Romantic period / Deborah Jowitt – 24. Diaghilev's cultivated audience / Lynn Garafola – 25. Women writing the body : Let's watch a little how she dances / Elizabeth Dempster – 26. Keep to the rhythm and you'll keep to life : Meaning and style in African American vernacular dance / Jacqui Malone.  Part VI, Analysing dance: Introduction / Alexandra Carter – 27. Dance and gender : Formalism and semiotics reconsidered / Stephanie Jordan, Helen Thomas – 28. Nijinsky : Modernism and heterodox representations of masculinity / Ramsey Burt – 29. Dances of death : Germany before Hitler / Susan Manning – 30. Mark Morris : The body and what it means / Joan Acocella – 31. Dance and music video : Some preliminary observations / Theresa Buckland – 32. Two analyses of Dancing in the Dark (The Band Wagon, 1953) / Richard Dyer, John Mueller.

Dance Data Project

The Dance Data Project, a nonprofit organization compiling a great variety of data on the world of dance, is dedicated primarily to establishing gender equity in the "dance industry," especially ballet. It does so in large part through generating in-depth statistical reports on various conditions across dance companies and other sites of dancer employment. DDP offers a newsletter that allows interested parties to keep up with the latest projects, as well as releases of reports on various themes.

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