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Video Resources Guide: Video home

A guide to finding and using educational and popular video

Video for you

Through the TCU Library there's a wealth of video resources for your research, classes and personal enjoyment.  There are also research-quality video websites available from  
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the internet.  This guide is designed to introduce you to some of those valuable resources. On this page: <Search tools> <Video help>

Video resources note

TCU is unable to place commercial video online due to copyright and encryption coding. If you normally use our DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS collection to supplement instruction and need a virtual (online) option, please consider the alternatives below.

Video Databases list; also "Video from databases," "Video from the web," and "Popular film online,"  tabbed above


Streaming Services: Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix (some movies will be "free" with subscription and some incur a small rental fee; be sure to read the vendor's Terms of Use policy if you need video for anything other than individual home use).

If you're unsure where your movie is available, Google the film title and look to the right column.

Movie search results usually include availability via various streaming services, together with upcoming showings on cable or other network TV channels.

There's also the JustWatch website.

Search tools

Here's a quick summary of the three major tools for finding material owned or subscribed to by the TCU Library.  

  FrogScholar is a flexible, Google-like search tool available from the search box at, accessing everything that the catalog does, PLUS 
most of TCU's databases, connecting you to books, articles, videos and more. Select Content Type "Video Recording" for video content.
  The TCU Library catalog is a precision tool for obtaining information on books, DVDs, journals and more, with direct access to some online materials
like ebooks and streaming videos. The catalog is available from the library homepage or For video select "Video..." from the Format drop-down box.
  Databases are specialized online collections of materials such as journal articles, book chapters, images/music/videos, maps, reports, statistics 
and much more. Each database vendor (for example, Alexander Street Press) has its own search interface.  Find the databases from the center section at and from most of the Patron Services pages.

Video help

I, Laura Ruede, am the TCU Library's Streaming Video Liaison, charged with promoting the use of the library's streaming video offerings and helping the TCU community find and use video materials.  I am not an IT support person - nor do I play one on TV - but I do have a lively interest in video media and have become familiar with an array of options available through TCU and beyond.  Feel free to contact me or come by my office in the Music/Media Library.  If I don't have the answers you need I'll try and determine who does.

In addition you may wish to know Cari Alexander, Music/Media Librarian, who is also aware of the library's video and streaming video holdings.  Cari sets up course reserves of DVD and VHS videos for multiple disciplines across the campus, upon request by faculty.

Laura J. Ruede, MLS

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Laura Ruede
TCU Box 298400, Fort Worth, TX 76129