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Video Resources Guide: Video from databases

A guide to finding and using educational and popular video

A word about databases

Databases are specialized online collections of materials such as journal articles, book chapters, images/music/videos, maps, reports, statistics and much more.  Each database vendor (for example, Alexander Street Press) has its own unique search interface.  Find the databases from the center section at and from most of the Patron Services sub-pages, linked from  The actual page address (url) is <Finding video databases> <Finding online (streaming) videos via the catalog> <Video databases list>  

Finding video databases

Clicking the Databases panel at lets you find databases by name (0-9, A-Z), subject or type.  The "Browse by type" box contains "Video." (There is also an Audio databases list.)

Finding streaming (online) video titles through the catalog

Many - though not all - film titles in TCU's subscribed databases are also retrievable through the library catalog.  A number of videos from websites are also in the catalog.  To search for streaming (online) video using the catalog, select "Streaming video" from the Format drop-down list.

Please be advised that, though most part records for database videos can be found in the catalog using a Format search for Streaming video, in the case of few titles for which the library also has DVD or VHS, described in one record, records will be found with a Format search for Video (any format) or Video (DVD format).  There are also a few cases in which online video links were added to VHS catalog records, and these titles will also be found with Video (any format) or Video (VHS format) searches.

Video databases list

Selected multidisciplinary video databases  

Ambrose Video 2.0 is a database that provides a wide range of multidisciplinary streaming video content.  Subjects are science, fine arts, literature, religion, minority studies, U.S. history and world history.  Instructor guides, quizzes and timelines are available for some of the programs.  Closed captions are searchable.  Public performance rights are included.  Linking and embedding are possible.  Note:  it may be difficult to determine the actual date of Ambrose video productions, as the only date given in records is the copyright date.  However, Ambrose selections may be browsed in the library catalog.  Use "sort" to arrange by Title or by "Year descending" to see the most recent titles.

Britannica Online database offers not only the renowned encyclopedia, but also a large number of videos.  Videos can be browsed by clicking on " Media Browse," selecting a topic area, then "Videos."  Find the url to a video through the Citation icon; you may need to prefix the link with to be sure it works from off-campus or non-TCU computers.

Filmaker’s Library provides award-winning documentaries across all disciplines.  As an additional plus, transcripts are available for documentaries in this database. Clips, embedding and linking are possible.

Films on Demand, a database from Films Media Group, is a repository of on-demand (streaming) video for multiple subject disciplines.  Content is from sources such as Broadway Digital Archive, Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, History Channel, Biography Channel, National Geographic, TED and television networks such as BBC, CBC, NBC, CNBC, ABC.  Embedding or linking to videos is possible and transcripts are available for many titles.

Kanopy, a new multidisciplinary educational video database, is now branching into popular, Hollywood-type film and foreign film as well. Performance rights are included with videos in this database.  Clips, playlists and embedding are all possible.  Links are available from "Share/embed" within each video record. 

More video databases <Printable list of sound and video databases>

AdForum Creative Network offers a catalog of television, web radio, and print ads, as well as individual case studies of high profile works. Ads are sourced from the 36 leading and most respected international award shows and over 20,000 agencies worldwide.

Alexander Street Press fine arts databases

Classical Music in Video 
Dance in Video 
Opera in Video 
Theatre in Video
  These video databases from ASP contain hundreds of music, opera, theater and dance performances spanning decades, as well as interviews and documentaries.  Transcripts are increasingly available.  Playlists and clips can be constructed.  All of these video databases except for Theatre in Video can be cross-searched using the Music Online interface; ASP's

music databases are available from the “M” Databases page or the Music databases list.  Enhancing the number of online theater videos is BBC Shakespeare Plays, a set of videos within Ambrose Video.  Drama Online, containing audio of some 350 plays, now has Shakespeare’s Globe on Screen videos; Theatre and Drama Premium has plays, plus “Broadway HD” within it, as a collection.

American History in Video database provides the largest and richest online collection of American history video, from the 16th century to the 1990s. Selections can be found by era, date, topic, and more. Contents include documentaries, films and newsreels; many films and documentaries have transcripts. 

Counseling and Therapy in Video provides the largest online collection of video available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Videos provide a well-rounded collection for students, academics, and professionals alike: counseling sessions and demonstrations; consultations; lectures, presentations and interviews.

EVIA Digital Archive is a repository of ethnographic videos selected by the EVIA Digital Archive Project, a collaborative effort by multidisciplinary experts to establish a multimedia repository plus an infrastructure of tools and systems supporting scholars in the ethnographic disciplines.  To use EVIA, each user must create an individual account from an on-campus computer.

Met Opera on Demand offers users instant access to more than 450 full-length Metropolitan Opera performances, including the Met’s Live in HD series, classic telecasts from the 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, and hundreds of radio broadcasts dating back to 1936. All videos include English synopses and subtitles; recent HD videos include multi-language subtitles and synopses.

Nursing Digital Library is a compilation of over 190 individual titles produced for use in nursing education, offering over 130 hours of nursing training videos. Select links marked "Direct Link (Off Campus/Proxy Server)" for access to videos from anywhere.

Nursing Education in Video is a compilation of over 150 individual titles produced for use in nursing education, including over 120 hours of nursing training videos.

Paley Center Seminars is an online video archive of the acclaimed seminar series by The Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television & Radio) in New York and Los Angeles. Seminars feature leading names in media discussing the creative process and contemporary issues in production and the impact of the media on society.  Paley offers durable urls (links) to its videos, but the links don’t work off campus or with non-TCU computers, so try adding this prefix to Paley’s durable links:

Popular Culture in Britain and America this video-containing database is all about rock and roll, counterculture, peace and protest, 1950-1975. offers videos depicting master psychotherapists in actual sessions, as well as discussing their interventions. Videos capture the critical non-verbal aspects of therapy, including body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and the rhythm of the therapist-client interaction.

Sage Research Methods Video contains tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more, covering the entire research methods and statistics curriculum.  

Small Business Reference Center contains articles, books, and videos for small business and entrepreneurial topics (click on “Small Business Videos”).

Stratfor is an international affairs intelligence and strategic forecasting database offering expert analysis promoting situational awareness.  Topic areas are Economics/finance; Energy; Military; Politics; Terrorism/Security.  To link reliably, add this prefix before Stratfor’s links:

WARC provides intelligence solutions for students, faculty, and staff in advertising, marketing, and mass communications (click on “Campaign Videos”).