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DANC 10453 - Dance in World Cultures: Writing, citing

Writing dance reviews and papers

Writing About Dance / Human Kinetics      Writing About Dance (ebook, Human Kinetics, 2010) guides students through the various processes of writing about dance, from the informal (journal writing and free  
writing) to the formal (critiques, essays and research papers).  A print copy of this book is available in the main stacks by call number GV1594 O45 2010.  Details
History of Dance: an Interactive Arts Approach  

History of Dance: an Interactive Arts Approach (Human Kinetics, 2007). This excellent book by Gayle Kassing has some unexpected bonuses for the dance writer:  Appendix

A is How to do a WebQuest; Appendix C is How to Write Your Research Paper; Appendix D is Dance Reconstruction or Re-Creation Project, and Appendix E is Report of a Live or Videotaped Performance.  Located in the main stacks, [Quarto] GV1601 .K37 2007.  Preview
Researching Dance: Evolving Modes of Inquiry  

Researching Dance:  Evolving Modes of Inquiry (ebook, University of Pittsburgh Press, 1999).  Directed toward graduate or honors students, this work introduces

readers to research methods in dance.  Part I, examines the discipline of dance.  Parts 2 and 3 present essays by dance scholars on the most common approaches for researching dance. Study questions, research exercises, and suggested readings are included.  Also available in print, GV1589 R47 1999.

Dance History: an Introduction (Routledge, 1994).  Chapter 15, entitled Writing Dance History, is by June Layson.  Other chapters by Layson include Historical

Perspectives in the Study of Dance and Dance History Source Materials (which includes evaluation thereof).  Located in the main stacks, GV1589 .D38 1994.  Preview

Digital craftsmanship; copyright issues

The TCU Center for Digital Expression offers extensive help for the use of digital resources in scholarship and presentations, including individual consultations. Its copyright-related information can be found below the media-related sections on the Student and Faculty-Staff pages (scroll down).

Style/citation guides; evaluating sources; writing

Citation and style

MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing - searchable online

Owl Online at Purdue University offers A very handy online MLA Formatting and Style Guide.

Other citation tools available from the Databases page (faq)

Knight Cite

This handy tool from Calvin College, Michigan lets you select one of three style manuals (including MLA), select the type of resource (book, encyclopedia, etc.), and type the details into boxes, after which it produces the finished citation for you.

Searching, evaluating sources, writing (general)

MLA Guide to Digital Literacy

What Is Digital Literacy? / Understanding Filters and Algorithms, Bots, and Visual Manipulation / Understanding Online Searches / Conducting Online Research / Go to the (Primary) Source! /  Surveying the Conversation by Reading Laterally / Exploring the Credibility of Sources / Working with Your Sources / Additional Strategies and Resources / Customizing Your Online Experience / Appendix: Sample Lesson Plans

A Writer's Reference

This Bedford/St. Martins book, 2011, covers important basic writing and researching procedures in chapters titled Composing and revising; Academic writing; Sentence style; Word choice; Grammatical sentences; ESL challenges; Punctuation; Mechanics; Researching; MLA, APA/CMS [style]; Basic grammar.   Located in the Reference stacks by call number PE 1408 H2778.


The TCU Writing Center

The TCU Writing Center provides personal coaching on the entire process of writing a paper, from focusing your initial ideas to properly formatting a footnote.  Its main office is located in Reed Hall, room 419.  Online help is available through the Writing Center's website.