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DANC 10453 - Dance in World Cultures: Country / culture info

Global Road Warrior database

Global Road Warrior database provides cultural, demographic, communications, travel, religious, economic, business and other information for nations and territories.

eHRAF World Cultures database

HRAF is an online cross-cultural and ethnographic database that contains descriptive information on aspects of cultural and social life, organized by cultures and ethnic groups. Every document is subject-indexed at the paragraph level, facilitating precise retrieval within documents.  Citations are available.  (Try the keyword search for forms of dance; the results are interesting.  Browse by country or ethnic group.)

CountryWatch database

CountryWatch provides country specific geopolitical intelligence on each of the 192 countries of the world. Daily news coverage, a map, and a five-year macroeconomic forecast are available for each country.  For D in WC purposes it's probably most useful to click the "Select a country" tool; underneath that there are numerous links such as "Political Overview" and "Cultural Considerations."