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DANC 10453 - Dance in World Cultures: Images, video & music


The images page from the Dance Research Guide offers several avenues for obtaining high-quality images on dance topics.  Also on this page: < Dancing video series >

Videos from the TCU Library

The TCU Library has collections of both physical (DVD/VHS) video recordings and streaming (online) video recordings.  All DVD/VHS videos are available through the library catalog - select format Video (any format) - and FrogScholar - select Content Type "Video Recording."  Most (but not all) streaming videos are searchable with those tools, especially FrogScholar; to search for streaming (online) videos in the catalog, select format Streaming Video.  Individual video databases such as those listed below can be searched, as an alternative.

Click to see a catalog list of DVD/VHS videos related to dance
Click to see a list of streaming and DVD/VHS videos via FrogScholar.

Dance Online: Dance in Video database - offering the Dancing video series among many other titles, D in V contains complete productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th and 21st centuries. Documentary transcripts, clips, embedding and linking are available.

Filmaker's Library database - available from anywhere to the TCU community and to guests within the library building, this growing database provides award-winning documentaries across all disciplines, including Dance.  Filmaker's Library has an additional offering: transcripts are available for documentaries in this database.  Clips, embedding and linking to/from precise segments is possible.  Permanent links to videos are available through the Embed/link tool. 

Films on Demand (Films for the Humanities and Sciences, BBC, PBS and more) - available to an unlimited number of TCU users, this database offers thousands of full length educational videos.  Clips, embedding and linking to/from films or precise segments is possible (see directions below).  Scanning the Dance list via "Music and Dance" is easy - simply select "Dance". However, many more dance-related hits are obtained by searching "by segments" rather than "by title," especially world (international) and ethnic dance.  Sample segment:  "Modern Butoh Dance" from the film Theater in Japan: Yesterday and Today. Transcripts are now available for many of the films in this collection, for an added plus.    About video linking

"Dancing" video series

NOTE: if clicking into more than one link in succession, you may need to empty your browser's cache in order to link to your next selection -- or, within the same video, click on "Tracks," then choose the segment you wish to view.

Dancing in One World

Los Angeles Festival and Polynesian Dance (09:21)

Native American Dance (06:28)

Hawaiian Dance (05:15)

Aboriginal Dance (06:57)

Balinese (06:17)

Plaza de la Raza (05:28)

Jiří Kylián and "Stamping Ground" (05:53)

Los Angeles Pop Culture (08:38)

Raoul Trujillo and "Shaman's Journey" (04:38)


Compact Disc recordings

The sound recording collection at the TCU Library

The TCU Library's collection of sound recordings is shelved in the AudioVisual Center in the Music/ Media Library.  Sound recordings are accessible only to staff, who will retrieve them on request. 
From the Flickr stream of "Eva" eBear 313
A few search suggestions are available by querying the LibAnswers box on the library's homepage (how do I find sound recordings?).   The Music/Media Library staff is happy to help you in your search for music.

Naxos Music Library database

Licensed for use by the TCU community, Naxos Music Library streams CD quality sound for classical, jazz, blues, folk, world and Chinese music. Several new releases are added monthly. Notes on the works being played as well as biographical information on composers or artists are available. Works can be searched and selected by composer, artist, period, year of composition, instrument or genre. Playlists can be created.

Music Online: Contemporary World Music

A streaming audio database incorporating contemporary reggae, worldbeat, neo-traditional, world fusion, Balkanic jazz, African film, Bollywood, Arab swing and jazz, and other worldwide genres in one database. Traditional ethnic muszydeco, gospel, gagaku are also represented.  It is recommended that you use the World Music homepage available via the Music Online interface to search, as there are many more refinement choices.

Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound

Primarily a streaming audio database serving as a virtual encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions as collected by the renowned Smithsonian, SGS includes some video ethnographies as well. The collection provides listeners with a variety of online resources that support the creation, continuity, and preservation of diverse musical forms. It includes an array of more than 40,000 individual tracks of music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds. Radio streams - such as Radio Haiti - are available to help listeners discover new music from various locales.  SGS has a parent interface, Music Online.

International Folk Dances

From the Internet Archive, this online resource offers a collection of music suitable for authentic folk dancing, most of it transferred from old 78 rpm and vinyl disc recordings.

British Library Archival Sound Recordings online

As of fall 2009, some 23,700 archival sound recordings in the British Library are available to all comers for online listening. Categories include Arts, literature and performance, Classical music, Environment and Nature, Jazz and popular music, Oral history, Sound recording history, and most spectacularly, World and traditional music.

Dancing cont'd

Dance Centerstage 

The Theater (02:35)

Kabuki (05:27)

Ballet (05:41)

The Kirov Ballet and Vaganova Ballet Academy (07:49)

Kabuki Framework (07:59)

Kabuki Education (02:48)

Larissa Lezhnina (08:53)

Bando Tamasaburo V (10:10)

The Enduring Theater (07:16)

Dance at the Court 

Introduction (03:00)

French Court Dance (08:45)

Tokyo Imperial Palace Court Dance (09:20)

Ashanti Court Dance, Part 1 (09:39)

Ashanti Court Dance, Part 2 (05:15)

Jogyakarta Court Dance (10:38)

Jogyakarta Court Dance (Bedhaya Dancers) (07:06)

Final Thoughts & End Credits (05:13)

New Worlds, New Forms

New Worlds, New Forms (04:18)

Brazilian Candomble (12:56)

African American Identity (09:17)


Lindy Hop (10:56)

Buddy Deane Show (08:10)

Brazilian Carnival and End Credits (13:21)

Lord of the Dance 

Introduction (03:03)

Dance of the European Church (10:39)

Dance of the Nigerian Christian Church and Communities (08:42)

Dance of the Nigerian Osun Worship (08:16)


Dance of the Indian Snake God (09:25)

Dance of Indian Religious Festivals (10:06)

Dance of the Indian Bharata Natyam (04:34)

Final Thoughts & End Credits (04:11)

The Power of Dance

Dancing - Past, Present, Future (02:34)

Amerimusica with Jacques D'Amboise (11:12)

Music in Dance with Gregg Burge (08:35)

Expression with Irek Mukhamedov (09:52)

Emotional Communication with Malavika Sarukkai (07:22)

Cultural Identity with Vijay Mehay (07:56)

Dancing in Video with Wim Vandekeybus (08:37)

Amerimusica & End Credits (02:56)

Sex and Social Dance

Ballroom Dancing (08:11)

The Waltz and Etiquette (06:01)

Cook Islands and Religious Reform (08:09)

Cook Islands and Social Dancing (03:06)

Morocco and the Woman (07:34)

Morocco and the Man (03:55)

Rock & Roll and Independence (06:40)

Morocco and Gender Assimilation (06:14)

Cook Island and Entertainment (06:03)

Ballroom and Credits (02:24)

The Individual and Tradition

Pushing the Movement Boundaries (03:49)

Contemporary Choreographers (04:56)

Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis (07:08)

Martha Graham (08:37)

Katherine Dunham (03:28)

George Balanchine (07:29)

Balanchine Inspiration (05:45)

Merce Cunningham (09:10)

Tradition in Pushing the Boundaries (08:26)