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Victorian Periodicals in Special Collections: Women's Periodicals

Godey's Lady's Book

Godey’s Lady’s Book. Philadelphia: L.A. Godey, 1840-1892. AP2 .G56

Special Collections has the following volumes (bound post-production):

Volumes 12-13 (1836)

Volumes 20-27 (1840-1843)

Volumes 30-34 (1845-1847)

Volumes 52 (1856)

Available online through several databases.

Ladies' Repository

The Ladies’ Repository: A Monthly Periodical Devoted to Literature and Religion.Cincinnati: L. Swormstedt and A. Poe, 1841-1876.  AP 2 L198 v. 18.

American Methodist newspaper. Our copy edited by Rev. W.D. Clark but it had several editors throughout its lifespan. Each issue has engraved frontispiece. Literature, essays, literary biographies (Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dante)

Note: Special Collections has volume 18 for 1858 only.

Available online through American Periodicals Series Collection I. 

Full run also digitized by University of Michigan

Lady's Friend

Lady's Friend. Philadelphia: Deacon & Peterson, 1864-187. AP2 .L253

Special Collections has the first volume containing the issues for January-Decembery 1864.  It's bound and still has the binder's ticket from 1865 specifiying that it should be bound in "Turkey Cloth Full, Good Style." The volume has lots of illustrations including colored fashion plates.  Our copy isn't yet cataloged. You can find reproductions online through American Antiquarian Society.

Peterson's Ladies National Magazine

Peterson’s Ladies National Magazine. Philadelphia: Peterson’s, 1848-1892. AP2 .P47

Special Collections has volume for 1877.

Available online through several databases.