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Victorian Periodicals in Special Collections: Children's Periodicals

Aunt Judy's Magazine for Young People

Aunt Judy’s Magazine for Young People.London: Bell and Daldy. 1866-1885. AP201 .A9

Illustrated children’s magazine edited by Mrs. Alfred Gatty. Contains essays, stories, music, and poems. Special Collections has 1866-69.

Digitized version available through 19th Century UK Periodicals.

The Student and Schoolmate

The Student and Schoolmate: An Illustrated Monthly for our Boys and Girls. Boston: Joseph H. Allen, 1867-. AP200 .S78.

Special Collections has the following issues from 1869 to 1872:

June 1869

February, June, August, and December 1871

January, February, July, September, 1872

Oliver's Optics

Oliver Optic’s Magazine: Our Boys and Girls. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1867-1875. AP201 .O4.

We have seven weekly issues for 1867 and twelve monthly issues for 1871.

Full run available online through American Periodicals Series Collection I.