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iEngage Civics Institute: Evaluate

Evaluating Sources Activity (About 10 mins)


Use 1 to 5 star ratings (1 star low - 5 stars high) to rate your sources for credibility. Which sources are more credible? Include notes for each category to help you decide.

AUTHORITY: How qualified is the author to produce the information? Who wrote or produced the information? Why? What do other people or sources say about the organization or the author? Is the author an expert on this topic? Rate the author's qualifications from 1 = Not qualified to 5 = Very qualified.
PURPOSE: How relevant is the author's purpose for the type of information you need? Why do you think the authors wrote or produced this information? What are their intentions? Are they writing to inform? To persuade? To sell you something? To entertain? Rate the purpose from 1 = Not very relevant to 5 = Very relevant.
ACCURACY/TRUTHFULNESS: How accurate or true is the information in this source? Can you verify the information using other sources? Rate the accuracy / truthfulness of this source from 1 = Not accurate to 5 = Very accurate.
BIAS: How biased is this source? What bias might be present? What does the message of the source tell you about the author's or organization's beliefs? Does the author or organization exhibit an inclination or prejudice in favor of or against something? Rate the bias on a scale of 1 = Very biased to 5 = Very unbiased.
CURRENCY / RECENCY: How recently published is the source? Does this matter for your topic? Rate the recency/currency of this source from 1 = Not current to 5 = Very current.