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iEngage Civics Institute: Give Credit

Give Credit (Video)

Watch: In this video, learn more about how to give credit and why it's important.


This video, "How to Attribute" was created by Maggie Gould & Paige Moyer.

Ideas from this video

Not giving credit can create problems. You can get in trouble for using ideas that are not your own.

You should give credit to the people who came up with the ideas or sources that you are using. This is called, "Attribution."

There are many ways to attribute:

  • Using direct quotes
  • Paraphrasing
  • Creating a "works cited" page
  • Hyperlinking

When should you attribute?

All the time! If you use anyone else's image, photo, art, tiktok video, music, website, report, news article, etc. you should give that person (or organization) credit for creating that content.

Using attributions will make your own work more credible. Using attributions will also help people find the information you found if they want to learn more.