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eReaders & eBooks: iPad/iPhone

How to use your eReaders with library eBooks.

Step 1: Download Adobe Digital Edition

Download Adobe Digital Editions to your iPad.


A. Click on 'App Store' on your iPad or iPhone

B. Search for the app 'Adobe Digital Editions' and click on 'Install' (free app)


Step 2: Create personal accounts in eBook programs

Create a personal account in EBSCOhost and at the webiste Adobe Digital Editions.

Be sure to use your TCU email when creating accounts in the 2 databases.  

The Adobe Digital Editions account is occasionally needed to download an ebook when you are off-campus.

Step 3: Find & Download eBook(s)

A. Click on the library website:

B. Under 'Research and Tools' choose 'Catalog'

C. Under the Format dropbox choose 'eBooks'

D. Search for a book

E. Choose an eBook title that is from one of vendors: EBSCOhost/Netlibrary,  and Ebook Central have checkout and download procedures for their custom ebooks. Most of the remaining ebook providers either have ebooks that are in PDF format, or that are available for online reading only.

F. Sign-in with your personal account for EBSCOhost or Business Expert press books.  Ebook Central will require that you use your TCU Single Sign On to download an entire ebook.

G. Download the eBook into Bluefire Reader