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eReaders & eBooks: Ebook Central

How to use your eReaders with library eBooks.

Ebook reader changes

Proquest Ebook Central is now the platform for eBooks with EBL or Ebrary links.

Using Ebook Central eBooks

Ebook Central eBooks can be read online in most web browsers, and can also be downloaded for offline reading to devices that support the EPUB (Adobe Digital Editions) eBook format. That includes most eBook reading devices except for the Amazon Kindle, and includes Apple iOS devices that have installed the "iBook" app.

Reading Online
To read an Ebook Central eBook online, you simply click on the "Read Online" button on the left side of the screen after opening the eBook record in E Book Central.  

Cover Image Independent thinking - buttons to read online and to download

The online reader has options to search the text, highlight, annotate, zoom in and out, and navigate using the Table of Contents.

Downloading and Reading Offline 
This LibGuide has information on book reader apps for specific devices, such as iPads and Android tablets. These apps eliminate the extra step of having to first download a file to your computer and then transfer it to your portable device. If your device is not yet supported by an app, the instructions below for using Adobe Digital Editions should work on most devices except the Amazon Kindle.

You will need Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer to be able to download and read off-line books from Ebook Central. Instructions are on the Adobe Digital Editions tab.

Before you download a book to your computer, you will need to open it in the web reader. Then you can click the "Download" icon located above the book content.

download icon

After you enter your TCU Single Sign On information, a download dialog will open up in the center of the screen Follow these three steps:

  1. Choose your device.

  2. Choose the loan length.

  3. Choose the format from the available formats.

  4. Click the "Download" button.

The download file will have an .acms file extension. When you open the file, it will automatically open in Adobe digital editions.

To copy the eBook from Adobe Digital Editions on your computer to your eBook reader:

  1. Plug the eBook reader into your computer using the cable supplied with the reader.

  2. If this is the first time you've used the eBook reader with Adobe Digital Editions, you'll be asked if you want to register it as a supported device; say Yes.

  3. Go into the "library view" in Adobe Digital Editions so that all the books you've got checked out are visible in the main window on the right. Then drag the book you want to copy to your ereader onto the ereader icon in the left column.