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eReaders & eBooks: Adobe Digital Editions

How to use your eReaders with library eBooks.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Downloading the software

Adobe's Digital Editions/Download page has both Macintosh and Windows versions. There are also links to the apps for IOS and Android devices.

screenshot of the Adobe Digital Editions Download page

Installing the Software

During the installation process, you'll be asked if you want Norton Security Scan. Look for and UNCHECK the permissions box to avoid this additional software installation.

Screenshot of installation process, showing the need to de-select the installation of Norton Security Scan

Authorizing the app

After downloading and installing the software, you will be asked to either create an Adobe ID, or to authorize your computer without an ID. The advantage to creating an ID is that content can be accessed across multiple devices. The disadvantage is that creating an ID leaves a record of what you have read.

Adobe DE authorization  




 ADE without Adobe ID

After the one-time installation, future downloads from Ebook Central will automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions