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Channel Planning: Media Rates and Usage

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Search Tips

When searching in SRDS Media Solutions:

Business Media Advertising Source focuses on Trade Publications

Consumer Media Advertising Source focuses on Consumer Magazines.

In other words, you get a different set of publications depending on whether you search in Business or Consumer.

Media Metrics and Rates

To find advertising rates and audience metrics for websites, magazines, newspapers, television, and radio use the database SRDS Media Solutions.  Check out the pdf below for screenshots of how to navigate to this information.

Be aware that for television and radio, they provide media contact information and not the actual rates.  Leave yourself enough time to make a phone call during business hours.


You may also want to try the website

Ad Spending

To find out how much money is being spent on which advertising mediums by company, industry, or product, use the database Ad$pender.

See the pdf link at the top of this box or the video below for a tutorial on how to navigate this database.

Consumers' Media Use

Some of these databases may have information that shows which media formats a particular consumer group uses.

A Company's Advertising Expenditures

Use this reference book to get an idea of how much $ a company spends on advertising.   It has current information.