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Research Process: Getting Started

What is the research process? This will cover: Creating a problem statement, creating research question(s), conducting a literature review, selecting research methods, and quantifying & presenting results.

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The Research Process

In this guide, you will find information about the research process and how to approach and think about specific parts of the process.

This guide will cover:

  • defining your research problem
  • creating research question(s)
  • conducting a literature review
  • selecting research methods
  • quantifying results
  • writing & presenting your research.

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My contact information is on the left side of this page if you need help with your research.

The Research Process is Cyclical, not Linear

As you work through this guide, keep in mind that research is not a linear process.  For example, you may find information in your literature review that causes you to change some of your research questions.  Each step of the research process interacts with and influences the other steps.