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Research Process: Writing & Presenting

What is the research process? This will cover: Creating a problem statement, creating research question(s), conducting a literature review, selecting research methods, and quantifying & presenting results.

Quick Overview

Just do it. 

Seriously, I can't make this concise.  Take a look at some of the book/book chapter links or the videos if you need some guidance.

Also, make an appointment with the TCU Writing Center.  They are the writing experts and can help you in person or you can submit something online.

The Neeley School of Business Professional Development Center can coach you on how to be a better presenter.

Full Overview of Writing & Presenting Research

Basically the entire research process is covered in this book. 

A short book covering how to write a report on your qualitative research.

Again, a short book covering how to write up your research.

How to present qualitative research.

Video on Presentation Skills

This video provides generic presentation advice: not business specific.

Video on Writing Research