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Research Process: Literature Review

What is the research process? This will cover: Creating a problem statement, creating research question(s), conducting a literature review, selecting research methods, and quantifying & presenting results.

Quick Overview

A literature review surveys books, scholarly articles, trade publications and other relevant resources to discover more information related to your research problem.  A literature review will help you discover what is already known about your topic and where there are gaps in the knowledge.

Don't just summarize your findings.  Be ready to analyze and critically evaluate the research that has been done and apply it to your own research problem.

Below are a couple of good databases for beginning a literature review for business topics.  Contact me (see "The Basics" tab for contact info) if you need help with this portion of the project.

Full Overview of the Literature Review

What is a Literature Review? A quick definition

Above is a link to a quick definition. 

What Makes a Successful Literature Review?

Above is a link to practical advice about literature reviews.

Book: The Literature Review

Above is a link to a book chapter on the literature review.

Video on the Literature Review Process

References Page Made Easy!

The library subscribes to several different citation softwares that will help you keep track of your citations and then create your References page for you.

I prefer Refworks as it is the easiest to use.  Use your TCU email to create an account.

Below is a link to another research guide that will show you all the citation tools and resources available at TCU.

Citation Tools for TCU students

Remember: Citation tools make mistakes.  Always double check and edit your References page for accuracy as needed.