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Physics: Physics Dissertations and Theses

This guide shows online and print resources related to physics.

Physics/Astronomy dissertations and theses

This page is a list of all known physics and astronomy dissertations and theses written by students at TCU. This list is divided into four parts:

  1. Dissertations online, 2006-present
  2. Dissertations in print, before 2006
  3. Theses online, 2006-present
  4. Theses in print, before 2006

Physics/Astronomy dissertations online, 2006-present

I will be updating this list once each summer.

Physics/Astronomy Dissertations in print, before 2006

Aars, Christian E. Extreme isolated elliptical galaxies. 2002

Adkison, Hollis Leon. Studies of coincident solar, interplanetary, and terrestrial phenomena which precede certain geomagnetic storms. 1970

Ali, Mohammad Sanwar. In situ EPR studies of coal pyrolysis. 1987

Altman, Joseph. Double bremsstrahlung. 1984

Ambrose, Rajkumar. Atomic-field bremsstrahlung for electron energy 50 to 100 keV for Z from 6 to 92. 1986

Ambrose, Vinod J. Differential cross section measurements of K shell ionization and bremsstrahlung. 1996

Appel, Rainer. Raman imaging of polymer gels and elastomer blends. 2000

Beedle, Miguel A. Stimulated scattering of radiation with incomplete speckle modulation. 1993

Beissner, Robert Edward. Electron energy bands in tellurium. 1965

Bielecki, Anthony John. Electromagnetic transmission properties of a model ionosphere in the frequency range.001-.1 HZ. 1968

Burzlaff, Bernard Herbert. A partial model for the structure of anodizedamorphous Al2O3. 1971

Carpenter, K. H. Phase transitions in the spherical model of a lattice gas and related models. 1966

Case, Francine Cardillo. 19F nuclear magnetic resonance in CeF3. 1980

Cheung, Hsueh Mei. A matrix ESR study of free radicals. 1989

Couchman, James Clinton. Study of the use of cascade impactors for analyzing airborne particles of high specific gravity. 1965

DaMommio, Anthony Vinson. Atomic structure calculations for Tm2+ and Tm3+. 1971

Davis, Doyle Vernon. Inner shell ionization of copper, silver and gold by electron impact in the energy range 20-140 keV. 1971

Dickinson, David Marc. Resonance in the electron impact excitation intensities of the inner-shell states of N [subscript 2]. 1990

Ding, Xiande. Spectroscopic studies of long carbon and silicon-carbon chains produced by laser ablation. 2000

Doyle, Timothy John. First detection of vibrational spectra of the vinyl and hexatriynyl radicals. 1992

Estep, Leland L. The search for molecular-field effects in Bremsstrahlung for selected gas targets for electron bombarding energies of 5, 10, and 15 keV. 1985

Faulk, Jerry Don. A coincidence measurement of the fully differential cross section for atomic field bremsstrahlung. 1973

Fleming, Richard Gene. K shell ionization of C, A1, Ni, Cu, Ag, and Au by electron impact. 1972

Geisler Von Zuben, Francis Stephen. Quantum time and spatial localization in relativistic quantum mechanics. 1999

Giltner, Beverly Sue Burt. Magneto-optical study of magnetic field dependence of spin-lattice relaxation times in CaF₂:Eu². 1969

Green, Arthur Wallace. An investigation of transient magnetospheric current sheets as generators of magnetohydrodynamic waves and geomagnetic micropulsations. 1969

Grossgut, Paul John. Analytic wave functions and oscillator strengths for Ce³⁺, Pr³⁺, Nd³⁺, and Cu²⁺. 1971

Gruber, Tyler Charles. Raman studies of particle structure and graphitization in carbon blacks. 1994

Guzzle, Timothy Lee. Nuclear magnetic relaxation in rare earth-doped CAF₂ [i.e. CaF₂] crystals at low temperatures. 1965

Hamzeh, Shafeeh Mohamed. Theory of spin-spin relaxation in solids with two spin species. 1964

Han, Dongsheng. Spectroscopic characterization of novel hydrogen-bearing silicon-carbon clusters. 1997

Heroy, David B. Low energy Bremsstrahlung cross sections. 1972

Hoang, Geun Chang. Physical and chemical properties of sol-gel processing. 1989

Hopkins, Brian James. Positronium annihilation in porous silica. 1992

Hopper, George Steven. Magnetic properties of the olivine series: Fe₂SiO₄-Mg₂SiO₄; Mn₂SiO₄-Mg₂Sio₄; Fe₂SiO₄-Mn₂SiO₄. 1968

Hsueh, Ching-yu. Investigation of wavefront reconstruction by stimulated backscattering through a two-lens system. 1985

Huang, Jiunwoei. FTIR study of tricarbon hydrides in solid argon at 10 K. 1990

Huebner, David Henry. Frequency dependent faraday rotation in paramagnetic crystals. 1972

Jiang, Qian. EPR and FTIR spectroscopy of C4, C3H and OCCCH in solid Ne and Ar. 1994

Jones, Andrew McCampbell. Local atomic arrangement in amorphous aluminum oxide. 1974

Kahler, Darren L. Coincident emission of two photons in electron-atom collisions: double Bremsstrahlung and radiative inner-shell ionization. 1991

Klinko, Peter. Thermodynamics of gravitational systems. 2002

Knowles, James Terrell. Spin-lattice relaxation processes in pure and gadolinium-doped SrF2 at low and high temperatures. 1971

Knowles, John Carroll. Electronic structure of the R center in LiF. 1968

Koone, Neil Douglas. Diffusion of solvents and cations in porous sol-gel glass. 1996

Kranze, Richard Harlow. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic studies of small pure carbon clusters. 1996

Lehtihet, AbdelHalim E. Thick-target double bremsstrahlung. 1989

Lemons, Lane D. Open shell coupled cluster methods: extensions and applications. 1997

Leung, Huen Kwong. Effect of gravity on critical opalescence. 1976

Lowry, Montecue Judson. Experimental determination of nonlinear constants for self-focusing and stimulated Raman emission. 1977

Lysiak, Richard John. Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of pure and samarium-doped CaF₂ crystals. 1963

Mak, Clifford Siu-Wing. Spin-lattice relaxation of F19 in BaF2 crystals doped with Europium in the laboratory and rotating frames. 1971

Marusak, George Victor. Absorption spectra of lithium, sodium, and indium in solid xenon, krypton, and argon. 1968

Mays, Robert. Wavefront reproduction by stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering. 1980

Merrithew, Robert Bartlett. Absorption spectra of mercury and cadmium in solid rare gases. 1968

Miller, James Robert. Spin-lattice relaxation processes in pure and europium-doped BaF₂ at low- and high-temperatures. 1966

Morris, Paul Edwin. R center states of LiF in the region of F and M bands. 1971

Nikiel, Leszek. Molecular motions of small molecules in porous silica sol-gel glass. 1991

Oakland, Richard Lewis. L-S term energy equations for complex electronic configurations. 1972

O'Donnell, Robert Michael. Electron impact elastic and ionization cross-sections for atomic nitrogen. 1969

Outenreath, James Donald. Radial distribution study of anodic Al₂O₃. 1967

Pan, Peter Naw Yank. Stimulated Raman effect in ten liquids. 1970

Pantea, Cristian. Kinetics of diamond-silicon reaction under high pressure-high temperature conditions. 2004

Portillo, Salvador. Absolute doubly differential bremsstrahlung cross sections from rare gas atoms. 2002

Presilla-Márquez, José-Domingo. Vibrational spectra and structures of silicon-carbon clusters. 1992

Qian, Jiang. Diamond/silicon carbide composites sintered under high pressure-high temperature conditions. 2003

Reese, Terrence L. Self-trapping of light particles in dense fluids. 1992

Reidl, Charles J. Gravity in one dimension: the evolution of large and small N systems. 1991

Robbins, Darron L. Spectroscopic and theoretical studies of novel germanium-carbon and mixed germanium-silicon-carbon clusters. 2002

Roy, Swati. Real-time holography by stimulated Raman and Brillouin scattering. 1984

Self, William Briggs. Magnetoelastic interactions in iron whiskers. 1969

Semaan, Mars Elias. Low energy atomic field bremsstrahlung from thin rare gas targets. 1982

Sewell, Kenneth Glenn. The photoionization cross section of neon. 1964

Shao, Yong. Phase transitions of small molecules and liquid crystals in restricted geometries. 1996

Shen, Le Nian. FTIR spectroscopy of tetracarbon radicals in solid argon. 1990

Shepherd, Richard A. FTIR spectroscopy of Si₂C and C₂H in solid argon. 1986

Shepherd, Robert A. EPR and FTIR characterization of paramagnetic transition metal ions in fossil fuels: tar sands. 1985

Sherman, Gregory W. Synchronous interferometric probing of microscopic and nanoscale materials. 2004

Timmons, William Thorpe. Absorption spectra of solid Xe and Xe trapped in solid Kr, A, and Ne. 1972

Tracy, Horton H. F-aggregate optical absorption in LiF at 3.0K̊. 1968

Urban-Klaehn, Jagoda. Application of positron annihilation spectroscopy to the characterization of rocks. 1998

Utley, Homer Bruce. Temperature dependence of the ESR spectra of SrC1₂:Eu²⁺. 1972

Wang, Shunlin. Spectroscopic study of novel silicon and carbon clusters formed by a laser ablation technique. 1997

Wang, Vincent C. Studies of low power and high power optical phase conjugation. 1988

Westbrook, Gregory L. Total cross section for ionization of the K shell by electron bombardment. 1987

Wright, Harold L. The statistical mechanics of a one-dimensional self-gravitating system. 1982

Xu, Wei. Structure and properties of carbon black particles. 1998

Yawn, Kenneth R. Gravitational dynamics in one dimension. 2003

Youngkins, Valery Paige. Gravitational phase transitions in a one dimensional spherical system. 2000

Yuan, Xiaoyuan. Microstructure of engine deposits and effects of fuel additives. 2002

Physics/Astronomy Theses online, 2006-present

Physics/Astronomy Theses, before 2006

Appel, Rainer. Raman spectroscopy of polymer gels and elastomers. 1998

Beissner, Robert E. The Hurwitz-Zweifel formulation of the neutron transport problem in three spatial variables. 1960

Bowen, Donald Edgar. Melting and polymorphism of barium at high pressures. 1963

Bullock, Ronald Elvin. The correlation of atomic displacements produced by protons and alpha particles in their passage through matter. 1969

Campbell, Russell C. Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex performance hall acoustical characteristics. 1983

Carter, Harris George, Jr. Calculation of some thermodynamic properties of liquid hydrogen on the assumption of mutually consistent molecular vibrations. 1964

Cook, Charles Falk. A practical application of magnetostriction vibration. 1950

Cunningham, Robert H. Construction of equipment to demonstrate the pinch effect. 1958

DeWames, Roger E. A method for calculation of the angular and energy distribution of Gamma Rays incident on an infinite homogeneous medium of water. 1958

Geisler, Stephen Francis von Zuben. Quadrature-squeezed states of the electromagnetic field. 1991

Guo, Jiandong. High pressure and temperature study of model biomembrane with cholesterol. 1996

Hollier, Edmond Willets. The near ultraviolet spectrum of benzene in Argon at 4.2° K. 1967

Kinch, Frederick Adrian, Jr. The design and use of special apparatus to employ a solid state detector with a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator. 1963

Kloster, Robert L. Calculation of current and voltage during the early phases of the exploding wire phenomenon. 1961

Lampley, Carl Michael. A Monte Carlo simulation of a proposed measurement-while-drilling nuclear well-logging device. 1988

Lange, Benjamin O. A theoretical investigation of the resistance of electrodialysis cells in turbulent flow. 1958

Lawson, Bob L. Calculated neutron spectral data for the MTR and CP-5 reactors and Monte Carlo neutron penetration data for D20. 1962

Lysiak, Richard J. Applications of random noise theory in theoretical mechanics. 1960

Mak, Clifford Siu-Wing. Spin-lattice relaxation in samarium-doped CaF2 crystals at low temperatures. 1969

McCarty, Robert J. Some problems associated with design and construction of a 500-watt magnetostriction oscillator to operate in the neighborhood of 20,000 cycles per second. 1948

Miles, Jerry Keith. Development of a solar-wind-proton simulator. 1969

Morgan, I. L. The theory and use of microwave apparatus for determining dielectric constants. 1951

Perry, Louis W. Experimental determination of thermal neutron flux distributions. 1957

Purvis, Arlynn Elroy. Some preliminary studies of an electromagnetically driven shock tube. 1961

Rainwater, Walter James, Jr. Diffusion of 1-MeV electrons through gold. 1967

Ramirez, Raul Henry. Analytical calculations of the atomic structure of Dy2+ states. 1969

Schmidt, Willard H. Theoretical analysis of reactor radiation heating and cooling of concrete biological shields. 1958

Smith, Raymond Clifford. Some local illustrations of physical principles. 1929

Tracy, Horton H. Zero phonon optical absorption in LiF. 1966

Voss, Garry Arnold. Proton spin-lattice relaxation in pure and doped ice. 1972

Walker, Robert H. The deduction of the macroscopic electromagnetic equations from microscopic considerations. 1959

Wang, Ting-ji. Theoretical and experimental study on image reconstruction by stimulated backscattering. 1985

Warren, Carlos S. An experimental study of the water moderated neutron spectrum from fission. 1960

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