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Middle Eastern History: Find Books

Research guide for students studying the Middle East.

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Recommended Books

Middle East Conflict: Almanac

History of modern conflict in the Middle East from opposing viewpoints. Pub date: 2012

A Companion to the History of the Middle East

A broad account of the multifaceted and multi-layered history of this region. Pub date: 2005

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Middle-Eastern and North African History

Examines the defining processes and structures of historical developments in North Africa and the Middle East over the past two centuries. Pub date: 2021

The Middle East

Primary sources from early history to present about the Middle East. Pub date: 2018

Finding books @TCU

To find books or articles on your topic at TCU, start with a person, event, or place, and try adding the term "history". 

For example: Iran AND history

If you know the date of your event, you can add the date into your search.

For example: Iran AND history AND 1979

If you want to find books about a certain topic in a particular century, add that century into your search. Use quotes to keep phrases together.

For example: Iran AND politics AND "20th century"

Other terms to try depending on your topic:

  • politics
  • economics
  • social
  • religion
  • religious
  • war
  • revolution
  • military

To find books outside of TCU, use the same search terms as above, and use WorldCat to find books at other libraries. Use Interlibrary Loan to request these books.

Middle East Books @ TCU

Books about Middle East history are located on the third floor of the library mostly in the DS section. You can use the following table to come to the library and browse by subjects:

DR 401-741 Turkey
DS 35.3-35.7 History of Asia: The Islamic World
DS 41-66 Middle East. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East.
DS 67-79.9 Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)
DS 80-90 Lebanon (Phenicia)
DS 92-99 Syria
DS 101-151 Israel (Palestine). The Jews
DS 153-154.9 Jordan. Transjordan
DS 155-156 Asia Minor
DS 161-195.5 Armenia
DS 201-248 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia
DS 260.7-262 Iran (Persia)
DS 327-329.4 Central Asia
DS 331-349.9 Southern Asia. Indian Ocean Region
DS 350-375 Afghanistan
DS 376-392.2 Pakistan
DS 393-396.9 Bangladesh. East Pakistan
DS 401-486.8 India (Bharat)
DS 488-490 Sri Lanka
DS 491-492.9 Bhutan
DS 493-495.8 Nepal
DS 498-498.8 Goa. Portuguese in India

Books in Frog Scholar

To find books using FrogScholar, use the down arrow to expand "Material Type" from the options on the left, and then choose "Books":

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