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Latin American Politics: Finding Books

For students taking Latin American Politics

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Finding books @TCU

For Latin American Politics, try using the following words or phrases (in the library catalog specifically):

  • "Latin America" AND "Politics and Government" (as SUBJECT words)
  • [Name of your country] AND politics
  • [Name of your country] AND "foreign relations"

Shows the library catalog tab selected and "Subject words" selected from the dropdown menu.

If your topic is on something more specific, add in those words or phrases. For example:

  • "Environmental policy"
  • Economy
  • "Economic Policy"

Use quotes to keep phrases together. For example:

  • "Civil rights"
  • "human rights"

Combine ideas to  narrow down your results. For example:

  • "El Salvador" AND "social movements"

If you know the date of your event, you can add the date into your search. For example:

  • "Civil Rights" AND "United States" AND 1964

If you want to find books about a certain topic in a particular century, add that century into your search. For example: 

  • "El Salvador" AND politics AND "20th century"

Latin America Books @ TCU

Latin American History books are located on the third floor of the library in the F section. You can use the following table to come to the library and browse by the nation you are studying:

F 1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America
F 1201-1392 Mexico
F 1401-1419 Latin America (General)
F 1421-1440 Central America
F 1435-1435.3 Mayas
F 1441-1457 Belize
F 1461-1477 Guatemala
F 1481-1497 Salvador (El Salvador)
F 1501-1517 Honduras
F 1521-1537 Nicaragua
F 1541-1557 Costa Rica
F 1561-1577 Panama
F 1569.C2 Canal Zone. Panama Canal
F 1609-1629 West Indies
F 1630-1640  Bermudas
F 1650-1660 Bahamas
F 1741-1991 Greater Antilles
F 1751-1854,9 Cuba
F 1788-1788.2 Cuba - Communist Regime
F 1861-1896 Jamaica
F 1900-1941 Haiti (Island). Hispaniola
F 1912-1930 Haiti (Republic)
F 1931-1941 Dominican Republic
F 1951-1983 Puerto Rico
F 1991 Navassa
F 2001-2151 Lesser Antilles
F 2201-2239 South America. General
F 2251-2299 Colombia
F 2301-2349 Venezuela
F 2351 Guiana
F 2501-2659 Brazil
F 2662-2699 Paraguay
F 2701-2799 Uraguay
F 2801-3021 Argentina
F 3031-3031.5 Falkland Islands
F 3051-3285 Chile
F 3301-3359 Bolivia
F 3401-3619 Peru
F 3701-3799 Ecuador

Books in Frog Scholar

To find books using FrogScholar, use the down arrow to expand "Material Type" from the options on the left, and then choose "Books":