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Core Documents of Our Democracy: govinfo

The resources found in this guide are vital sources of information that support the public's right to know about the workings and essential activities of the Federal Government.

General Information

govinfo home page featuring the toolbar

govinfo home page featuring the search options

These three components comprise GPO’s world-class system for the comprehensive management of electronic information:

  1. Public access - GPO combines modern search technology with extensive metadata creation to ensure the highest quality search experience. Users can easily access documents for free by searching or browsing the mobile-friendly website.
  2. Content management – GPO securely controls digital content throughout its lifecycle to ensure content integrity and authenticity. This includes the application of digital signatures to PDF files so users can verify documents have not been altered and are the official versions.
  3. Digital preservation – GPO’s standards-compliant preservation repository follows archival system standards and ensures content is preserved for future generations despite technical failure, aging of hardware, or technological change.

govinfo gives users the opportunity to search for specific Government information in a basic or advanced search or browse the collection in the following ways:

  • From A to Z in alphabetical order
  • By Category
  • By Date
  • By Committee
  • By Author