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Research: Target Market/Consumer Research

STCO 35503

Websites: Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior Information

There are several databases that are good places for finding information about how your target audience feels/behaves in regard to advertising or marketing in general or sometimes even in regards to your specific product.

Try some of these databases.  For help on how to search or navigate a particular database, click the pdf links below.

Mintel     a good resource for reports on how to advertise to a particular group.  See pdf below for most efficient navigation.

Business Source Complete  lots of articles on consumer behavior both in regards to specific products as well as general behavior.  See pdf for some example searches related to consumer behavior.

Statistics & Demographics

Government Websites: Demographics & Consumer Behavior

The main resource for demographic data is the U.S. government.  Here are some nice starting places.

Search Tips

Refer to  the Consumer Behavior guide for more information

Think of synonyms for your consumer group!

For example, your search for millennials might look like this:

millennials OR "gen y" OR student* OR "helicopter generation" 

Additional Resources