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Genealogy: Find A Grave

Where did I come from? How did I get here? It's not biology, it's genealogy. Here are some places to go and tips and tricks to leaf out your family tree!

Find A Grave Website

Search Tips

Search the entire interment listing of smaller cemeteries for other family names.

  Find these names from Ancestry or Census listings.

Female family members may be listed under maiden or married names. 

  Check for both.

Positive a family member should be in a cemetery?

  Check for spelling errors by you or the contributor.

  Do you have the right cemetery?

  Does it differentiate between "new" and "old" sections?

  Was it renamed?

Use Google Maps to find cemeteries within a certain area.

  Type in "cemeteries" in the search box once you narrow the location down to a county or smaller. 

  Use caution about the exact location.


How to Find a Person

Click on the type of search you want to perform.


Input as much information as you can. Be careful of spellings.

Click on the results most likely to match your family member!

Some entries have more info than others.  Some have obituaries and links to other resources.

It depends on who did the entry.  These are member contributions... think "Wikipedia for cemeteries".

How to Find a Cemetery

Subject Guide

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