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Where did I come from? How did I get here? It's not biology, it's genealogy. Here are some places to go and tips and tricks to leaf out your family tree!

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Quick Links to the History related listing of Library databases.  Also quick links to some of the more useful historical databases.

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If you're here, then you think family is important and you're curious about yours. The Who, What and Why of it all. Did they do anything cool? I scan our pictures trying to see the passage of the gene pool through facial features and it amazes me when a face four generations away is identical to a current cousin. Enjoy our LibGuide to help navigate the plethora of genealogy resources. It's a rewarding, but maddening detective story discovering the truth.

This guide is still a HUGE work in progress.  All suggestions, especially of websites that are useful on this guide are great!!

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These are in alphabetical order... not order of awesomeness or geographically or anything.

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