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Where did I come from? How did I get here? It's not biology, it's genealogy. Here are some places to go and tips and tricks to leaf out your family tree!

What's New!

More Texas death certificates!

1940 Census is a hit!

More Texas land records (Henderson County in particular)

Autosomal DNA testing... works for men or women.


Basic Ancestry Searching is a partial free, mostly subscription research tool containing links to tons of documents and resources. Government collected data of ALL kinds, grave listings, scanned documents and postings by other members can really help you find relatives and put their stories together.

Input your name and requested dates and watch what appears!  If you like the information you're seeing you can save or email individual documents. If you want to create an actual online tree like you see on the commercials, then you must must have an individual subscription at There is a 14 day free trial to find out if genealogy is really for you.

Tips and Tricks!!! Watch Out!

Once your tree is established, use the green leaf icons to see hints concerning that ancestor.

Be wary of using other public trees. Their owners may not be as good a researcher as you are. They may have copied from another incorrect tree, thus perpetuating the bad information.

Always double check dates, names, stories and other "facts".  Try to corroborate as much as you can with documentation. Everything was done by a human hand so error is always possible.

Figure out common misspellings of your family name. Ancestry often has figured it out for you, but sometimes they miss a link in their "hints".

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