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In the Beginning: the First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, 1962: Critical response and wrap-up

Saturday Review - Paul Hume


View the Hume article in the TCU / Special Collections digital repository. View the Fort Worth version from the image, right top.


Eminent music critic Paul Hume analyzed the first Van Cliburn Competition in the Saturday Review for October 27, 1962.  Fort Worthers were enormously proud of that notice, reprinting it shortly afterward (Cliburn Contest Earns City Worldwide Note, Fort Worth Star-Telegram).

The results: who won what, and who participated

A handy list of participants, winners, and other information is drawn from Gustav Alink's International Piano Competitions, volume 3. Currently, The Cliburn has a list of winners for 1962, including biographical updates and an online program book.

The list earlier displayed on the Cliburn Foundation website differs somewhat from the results published in Alink's book, possibly due to some "first stage" (preliminary) contestants having withdrawn.

NYT review


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