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Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa: Find Topic Ideas

For students studying Sub-Saharan Africa

Choosing a Topic

One way to get ideas about a potential topic is to look for information in the news. TCU has access to several international newspapers. Search for ideas by doing a general search for the nation you are studying.

Best Bets for International News & Events

Access world news logo

Access World News

Recent local, state, national, and international newspaper articles. Coverage dates: 1980 - present

Stratfor Logo


Nonpartisan international news, intelligence reports, analysis, and more. Topics include economics and finance, energy, military, politics, terrorism/security, and more. Videos, maps, and articles available. Coverage dates: 2012 - present

U.S. Major Dailies Logo

U.S. Major Dailies

Key national newspapers, same day coverage. The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Content available by 8am each day. Images not included. Coverage dates: 1985 - present

nexis uni logo

Nexis Uni

News articles, transcripts and wire services for financial, medical, and legal information (and more). Other special features include: company profiles, SEC filings, biographies, country information, federal and state cases, patents, broadcast transcripts, and more. Coverage dates: 1790 - present

Some questions to ask yourself when creating an infographic

  • Tell a story - what is your story? does your infographic guide the audience from one point to the next, telling a consistent story throughout?
  • Have a thesis - what are the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why)? what is the take-away message?
  • Consider your audience - what is the appropriate level of complexity and information density for your audience? what is the right tone - should you be humorous, matter-of-fact, persuasive, etc?
  • Find your data - have you identified sources of relevant, accurate data for your project? is the data driving your thesis or the other way around?
  • Develop a visual plan - what are the colors, fonts, images that you will use? do they combine to form a consistent theme?

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