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Queer History in the U.S.: Find Books

For students taking Queer History in the United States

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Finding books @TCU

To find books on your topic at TCU, start with a person, event, or general topic of interest, and add the word "history." For example:

Queer and history

If you know the name or date of your event, you can add the date into your search. For example:

Stonewall and history and 1969

If you want to find books about a certain topic in a particular century, add that century into your search. For example: 

Queer and history and "20th century" (use the quotes to keep "20th Century" together as a phrase)

If you're finding information on your topic and it does not have an American focus, add "United States" with the quotes. For example:

Queer and history and "United States"

Use Subject words to get more relevant results

  1. Start at the TCU Library homepage, then choose "Library Catalog," which is the third tab over.
  2. Change the dropdown box from "Words Anywhere" to "Subject Words"
  3. Try using some of these words as subject words, be sure to separate them with the word "AND"
  • Homosexuality
  • Gay rights
  • Gay men
  • Transgender people
  • Lesbians
  • Gender identity
  • Queer theory
  • Sexual minorities
  • Bisexuals


Books in Frog Scholar

To find books using FrogScholar, use the down arrow to expand "Material Type" from the options on the left, and then choose "Books":

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