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Honors Project Style Guide: Introduction

Guidelines for formatting the written portion of senior honors projects. Formatting guidelines in this guide include APA 7, Chicago 16, and MLA 8.

General Information

This guide was created by Ammie Harrison (, Humanities and Theater Librarian, and Robyn Reid (, Social Sciences Librarian, to help honors student format the writing parts of their honors projects. Each librarian at TCU has different areas of expertise. If you would like help with the research part of your project, we recommend you work with the librarian assigned to your major

A few disclaimers:

  1. These are general guidelines only, created according to the formatting and citation styles recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago Manual of Style, the Modern Language Association (MLA), and various other discipline specific formatting and style guides.
  2. You should always defer to your supervising professor for what style to use for your project.

See Honors Project examples.

Comic Transcript for Unshelved by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, 2007

Merv (a student): Hi, I'm the Internet.
Dewey (a librarian): And I'm a Library.
Merv: I'm super easy to use. Just fire up your favorite search engine!
Dewey: I have lots of stuff search engines can't find.
Merv: You mean there's more than Google?
Dewey: Well, for now, anyway.