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NTDT 50363 - Community Nutrition and Public Health: Research Help

Research Help

Find some helpful information here about All Things Research. Use the tabs to navigate between topics. Contact your friendly librarian if you need help or have any questions. Make an appointment with the Writing Center to get assistance at any stage of your writing project.

All Things Research

AMA Manual of Style, 11th Edition

The online AMA Manual of Style has a streamlined interface, intuitive search and browse, and personalization features, so finding what you need in the Manual is easier than ever. The manual is a must-have guide for anyone involved in medical and scientific publishing.

NLM Journal Title Abbreviations

Each journal title indexed by NLM is assigned a unique title abbreviation. Use this site to search by journal title. Existing title abbreviations are not changed to conform to current policies and procedures.

Use Boolean Operators to combine your keyword (when using the databases. It also works great when using Google) :

AND - narrows the search

OR - broadens the search

NOT - first term is searched, then results with second term are eliminated


Use Truncation (*) to broaden your search and include various word endings and spellings.


  • child* = child, children, childhood, childlike, childish
  • health* = health, healthy, healthcare

Always evaluate your sources (online or in print) for CRAAP :

  • Currency
    • When was the information published? Is it current? Up-to-date?
  • Relevance
    • Does the information relate to your topic? Who is the intended audience?
  • Authority
    • What are the author's credentials? Organizational affiliations? Is the author qualified to write on this topic? 
  • Accuracy
    • Is the information supported by evidence? Can you verify it from another source? Are there typos, spelling, grammatical errors?
  • Purpose
    • Is the information fact, opinion, propaganda? Does the author make his/her intentions/purpose clear?

Writing Center


   Check out the Writing Center:

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