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Finding Data & Statistics: Political Science

Websites & Databases to help you find data & statistics as well as other helpful information

About Datasets

Datasets are collections of numeric data that can be analyzed using specialized software such as Stata, SPSS, or R.

Datasets marked with a blue lock must be accessed from either on the UC San Diego campus network or else via Remote Access.

Put some thought into choosing your search terms and consider synonyms or alternative terms. AND, OR, and NOT can be used to combine or exclude search terms. Check the subject terms listed on your results for additional words to search.

Most databases have a help link. The help screens will usually explain how to best search for variables.

Most Frequently Used Microdata Finders

Top Political & Social Science Data Resources

Most Frequently Used Statistics & Multidisciplinary Aggregate Data Finders

Core Statistical Resources

International Statistics & Comparative Datasets

Non-exhaustive list of popular political science datasets.

United States Political Datasets

State government datasets

U.S. Polling/Election/Survey Data

International Polling/Survey Data

Political Attitudes Surveys

Featured Resource

Need to find statistics that might be hiding in a publication?

ProQuest Statistical Insight logo

Featured Resource

Need easy to manipulate statistical information over time?

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Featured Resource

Need some quick stats?

Statista: Market Data, Market Research and Survey Results