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Industry/Market Research: Trade Associations

Resources for researching industries.

Trade Associations: How to find them and When to use them

Often times, Trade Associations will collect important information about an industry.  I use these resources to "fill in the blanks" of information I didn't find in analyst reports and articles. I have had quite a bit of luck using Trade Associations to find industry statistics. Feel free to contact me if you have trouble with this portion.

I can't possibly list all the thousands (millions?) of trade associations that exist, so I'm gonna tell you how to find the associations for your particular industry.

 1.  Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys   A book (updated regularly, so it is current) located at the Reference Desk in the Information Commons contains a list of Industry References for each industry S&P analyzes.  They provide a web address, as well as any publication information for each association.  This is one of the more comprehensive resources the TCU library has for this information.

2. Hoover's Online database- A. Click on the industries tab (not the yellow one, but the one directly above the search box)

B. Either click the Browse Industries link that appears under the search box or type a one-word description of your industry

C.  Once on the Industry page, scroll down to the Web Resources box and click the link to see 'More Web Resources'

3. IBISWorld database- Once in an industry report, scroll to the bottom of the 'Industry Definition' section to see a listing of Additional Resources.

Once I find the associations and their publications, I may use Google to find the website of the association (if that information isn't provided), and often times, our databases (see the articles tab) contain the full text of a trade association publication!