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Asian History: Find Books

Research guide for those studying Asian history.

Search Frog Scholar

Find Books @ TCU

To find books at TCU, start at the library homepage, or use the search box above, and in the search box, type in the name of the nation you are studying, and add the word "history."

For example:

  • Japan AND History

Shows FrogScholar Selected from the tabs on the library homepage, with the words Japan and History typed in the search box

Then use the options on the left and select "Library Catalog."

Try adding in other key words for your topic to get fewer results. For example:

  • Japan AND history AND Buddhism

Also try using additional options on the left to narrow to the discipline "History" or other relevant disciplines.

Shows the discipline filter, and in this example, the options to select "religion," "history & archaeology" OR "language & literatures."

Other ideas for keywords include the name of a person for example:

  • Mao Zedong

A specific place or object, for example:

  • Seoul
  • Pagoda

and/or an historical event, for example:

  • Tiananmen Square 1989

To find books on your topic at TCU in the library catalog, start by selecting "Library Catalog" on the library homepage, and start with a place, and add the word "history." For example:

  • Korea AND history

Shows "Library Catalog" (the third tab) selected and the words Korea AND History typed in the search box.

Then add in more specific ideas. For example:

  • Korea AND History AND Religion
  • Korea AND History AND Democracy

Also try searching for particular people, events, or more specific topics. For example:

  • Korea AND Olympics

If you want to find books about a certain topic in a particular century, add that century into your search. For example: 

  • Korea AND history AND "20th century" (use the quotes to keep "20th Century" together as a phrase)

Books in Frog Scholar

To find books using FrogScholar, select "Library Catalog" from the options on the left:

Text reads: TCU Library Frog Scholar

Shows the "Library Catalog" option selected with a checkmark