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Article Searching Using a Citation: Article Searching

This LibGuide shows you how to find an article when you have the citation, using the TCU Library catalog

Find a journal citation

You've found a couple of journal articles that you would like to retrieve:

Find the full journal titles

Eur Urol and N Engl J Med are both abbreviated titles

To find the journal within our catalog you need the full titles.

You can find the titles in a couple of ways: 

1. Search Google: sometimes if you put the abbreviation in the full title will com up

2. Search Caltech's Journal Title Abbreviation site:

Via Caltech:



Search for journal titles in catalog

Go to the library website:

Hover over Research and Tools -> Select Catalog

Under the drop down box Index choose Journal name begins with...

Put the journal title European Urology into the box above (see below):

Click Search

What if a title isn't in the catalog

Once you click Search you will get a list of journal titles:

As you can see there is no matching title within our catalog. You have a few choices at this moment.

1. Contact your library liaison to see if they can find it

2. Search our document delivery service (see next tab)

3. Request through ILL - Inter Library Loan (see tab labeled ILL)

Note: if you can't find a book title options 1 - 3 will work too

Find a journal citation in the catalog

Go to the library website:

Hover over Research and Tools -> Select Catalog

Under the drop down box Index choose Journal name begins with...

Put the journal tile New England Journal of Medicine in the search box

Press Search

Once you click search you will get a list of journal titles, choose the title that matches your search (see below):

The 2 by the journal title is how many types of formats we have on that journal, in other words, it is available in electronic format, print format, microfiche format, etc.

Once you have clicked on the journal title you get more options.

Electronic format is always the preferred format, however, sometimes you cannot get it in that format. Print would probably be the second.

If the article you are looking for is available in the date range for electronic, then click on that link (see below):

Rhoden EL, Morgentaler A. Risks of testosterone-replacement therapy

and recommendations for monitoring. N Engl J Med 2004;350:482-92.

As you can see the article is from 2004 and is available through Medline, click on the appropriate link

Find article within the database

Once you are on the Medline page you can search in two ways (see below):

You can search using the date, volume and issue. Information to be used from citation: 2004;350:482-92. So you will pick out the date 2004, choose volume 350, and find page 482 somewhere within that volume. No issue was given.

The second way you can search is by title. So copy the title: "Risks of testosterone-replacement therapy and recommendations for monitoring". Take out hyphens, colons, semicolons, periods, etc, because databases don't work well with punctuation; except for the quote marks. Quote marks will ensure you are getting the exact article you are looking for. Then copy the title and paste it in to the link Search within the publication. The article should pull up at the top of the list.

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