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TCU Air Force ROTC & Air University Press Leadership Resources: Searching for Air University Press Publications

Searching for Air University Press Publications

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Air University Press has published hundreds of books that cover a wide variety of topics many of which have been made available to the public for free through the Federal Depository Library Program.

The following are suggestions on how to find what we have available in our library.


Searching by SuDoc Stem

Books in our Main collection use the Library of Congress call number system, but Government Documents use SuDoc numbers which are a classification system created by the Superintendent of Documents.  What makes this system unique and user friendly is that the preceding letter(s) of the SuDoc number represent the Department or Agency that created the document.  For further information on understanding the basics of the SuDoc Classification System please go to the Research Guide, Core Documents of Our Democracy.

It's easy to search for Air University Press publications in our Government Documents collection by SuDoc number.  All Air University Press publications use the SuDoc stem D 301.26/6.  To search for this stem in our catalog go to the Library's home page, select Library Catalog and More Catalog Search Options.

Image of Library homepage, Library Catalog and More Catalog Search Options example

Under Index: choose Government Document Number and type D 301.26/6 in the search box.

Image of a Basic search by Government Document number example

The results will appear in Gov. Doc. Number (SuDoc) order.

List of documents with the requested Government Document number

Searching by "Air University Press"

Though the majority of the Air University Press publications are found in the Government Documents collection there are a few that are in our Main collection. 

To get a list of every Air University Press publication in our catalog regardless of collection go to the Library's home page, choose Library Catalog and type "Air University Press" in quotations in the search box.

Image of how to seach for the Air University Press in the library catalog

In this example you can see the variety of:

  • Ways the publications can be viewed
  • Locations in the Library

Image of a list of Air University Press documents in the library's catalog