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Mathematics: Math Dissertations and Theses

This guide shows online and print resources related to mathematics.

Mathematics Dissertations and Theses at TCU

This page includes lists of all known dissertations and theses in mathematics at TCU. This page is divided into two parts:

  1. Dissertations online, 2016-present
  2. Dissertations in print, earlier PhD program, in print
  3. Master's theses


Mathematics Dissertations at TCU (earlier PhD program)

This is a list of mathematics PhD dissertations written by TCU students in print format. These were all written during the 1960s and 70s. These are located on the first floor of the TCU Library. These are listed in author order.

Allen, Paul Jentry. Ideal theory in semirings. 1967

Aslan, Farhad. Some generalizations of metric spaces. 1969

Berzsenyi, George. Products of monodiffric functions. 1969

Bolen, James Cordell. A reproducing kernel function and convergence properties for discrete analytic functions. 1968

Boone, James Robert. Mesocompact and sequentially mesocompact spaces. 1968

Carmitchel, Robert David. Ergodic theory and the existence of strong ergodic limits. 1971

Cochener, David Justin. Projectivity and injectivity in semimodules. 1973

Daneshi, Tahereh. Monodiffric differential equations and K-th roots of monodiffric functions. 1981

Daunis, Geraldine Fuller. Metrization in a Moore space. 1967

Dean, Euda Edward. A new class of generalized nilpotent groups. 1976

Dean, Robert Gross. Some extensions of the theory of semirings. 1966

Dover, Ronald Eugene. Semisimple semirings. 1972

Drennan, David Lee. Value determining sets and bases of kernels for a functional Hilbert space. 1968

Edwards, Donald E. Essential ideals in semirings. 1973

Fields, Jerry Wayne. Linear mappings of Banach algebras and Banach algebras of vector-valued functions. 1972

Fugate, James K. Translation theory for semirings. 1971

Gray, James Michael. Green's functions and discrete demi-analytic kernels. 1970

Gresham, John Hall. A class of infinite-dimensional topological spaces with applications to the theory of retracts and selection theory. 1974

Guthrie, Joe Alston. On some generalizations of metric spaces. 1969

Harvey, James Ronald. Sequence spaces and the basis concept in Banach spaces. 1969

Henry, David Michael. On the images of a stratifiable space under certain open and psuedo-open mappings. 1970

Higgins, Stanley Bruce. Some generalizations of paracompactness. 1969

Howes, Norman Ray. Well ordered sequences. 1968

Huddleston, Robert Edward. On extending the domain of convergence of discrete harmonic kernels. 1966

Lord, Michael Erle. Further theory of operational calculus on discrete analytic functions. 1968

Marrache, Nazem M. Certain local properties of topological spaces. 1968

Martin, Jack Cornelius. Categorical bases in Banach spaces. 1970

Mastin, C. Wayne. The discrete analog of a minimum problem in conformal mapping. 1969

McGill, Suzanne. Left Goldie semirings. 1972

Morgan, Ronald Lewis. Szymanski decompositions in von Neumann algebras. 1980

Mosher, James Roberts. Generalized semirings of quotients. 1968

Owen, Aubrey Pattillo. Density topologies. 1974

Perry, Edward L. Discrete generalized functions. 1970

Petty, Joe Van. Some closure properties of classes of groups. 1975

Pigg, Donald Leon. The effect of a CZ-group structure on certain generalized solvable and generalized nilpotent classes of groups. 1975

Reagor, Mary Evelyn Pensworth. A fuzzy version of Tietze's extension theorem. 1983

Reynolds, Donald Fain. Preservation of topological properties under extensions of topologies. 1970

Richmond, Jean Beal. On shrinking and boundedly complete Schauder bases of subspaces for Banach Spaces. 1966

Salam, Dianne Joy. A semiring extension. 1970

Sconyers, Woodlea Bernard. Characterizations of certain topological structures by means of well-ordered open coverings. 1968

Segal, Arthur Cherny. A model for an extended logic. 1966

Smith, James Dennis. Simultaneous generalizations of paracompactness and semi-stratifiability. 1970

Stone, Homer Edward. Structure theory of semirings. 1969

Tabor, Charles Duane. Some theorems concerned with extensions of topologies. 1967

Talati, Kiritkumar. New bases of monodiffric polynomials. 1979

Tiller, Albert Wayne. P-commutative Banach *-algebras, involutions, and extensions of pure positive functionals. 1972

Tucker, Shirley Sue Smith. Groups of infinite exponent whose proper quotient groups are of finite exponet. 1973

Wang, Amy Huei-Mei Huang. On the equation [an integral equation]. 1974

West, Ronald Eual. Discrete analytic functions on a radial lattice. 1979

Wichmann, Josef. The theory of Banach coalgebras. 1975

Wiscamb, Margaret Reames. On symmetric neighborhood systems in metric, strongly paracompact and some other types of spaces. 1965

Mathematics Theses at TCU

This is a list of all mathematics master's theses written by TCU students. These are located on the first floor of the TCU Library. These are listed in author order.


Adams, Weldon Q. A matrix method for solving linear differential equations. 1962

Baird, Roy Clark. Normal coordinates. 1958

Berzsenyi, Lillas Kay. Seminatural numbers. 1969

Boswell, Gary Taggart. Discontinuous groups and automorphic functions. 1965

Bullock, Ronald Elvin. The Wiener-Hopf technique for the solution of certain integral equations. 1963

Callahan, Janie L. A spectral theorem. 1960

Chesnut, Dorothy Lynn Brooks. Elements of field theory. 1961

Cranford, Wilson. Minimization of a function with constraints. 1959

Crawford, Clyde F. Numerical solution of a differential equation. 1960

Cutler, Doyle Otis. Certain theorems in topological analysis. 1961

Dobbins, Gordon B. Representations of a stationary time series. 1963

Drennan, David Lee. Pre-P-Rings. 1965

Ellis, Terrell. Elliptic integrals. 1930

Etter, Daniel O'Connell. An investigation of approximations by means of polynomials. 1952

Evans, Kenneth Walter. Unified treatment of the monotone class theorems of measure theory. 1980

Flowers, Billy Sinclair. LaPlace transform with applications. 1949

Friedman, Eugene Myron. Multiples of an element in an arbitrary ring. 1958

Goldbeck, Ben Theodor, Jr. Elliptic integrals and functions. 1949

Guthrie, Joe Alston. The dominators of a semigroup. 1966

Harrington, Ira Hugh. Gaussian and Dedekind rings. 1967

Harvey, James Ronald. A quantitative approach to geologic facies analysis. 1959

Hayes, Jerry Arnold. Boolean algebra. 1967

Hendricks, Sammie Lee Rampy. Motions described by the solutions of certain differential equations. 1959

Huckaby, Donald Howard. Partitioning and gauss elimination methods of matrix inversion. 1958

Ince, David. Approximate factoring of polynomials. 1958

Johnson, Tom. Criterion for the minimization of bias in a least squares approximation. 1962

Karthauser, David T. The numerical solution of ordinary differential equations with the aid of an electronic digital computing machine. 1960

Lucas, Curtis Byron. Structure of finite fields. 1963

Lysaght, Janet. Noetherian rings. 1963

May, Thomas Leslie. Covariant differentiation. 1963

McCormick, William Junior. Singularities of second order differential equations. 1964

Merz, Antony W. On the two-body problem and the restricted three-body problem. 1960

Morgan, Edith L. An application of the theory of the complex variable to the mapping of some potential functions. 1946

Nicholson, James Campbell. Some ways of defining the Riemann integral and their relations. 1967

Pigg, Donald L. On the solution of the Kuroš and Burnside conjectures. 1971

Poland, Sydney Wade. Real eigenproblems. 1962

Puckett, Charles Henry. A survey of the past and present mathematical requirement of the leading colleges and universities of the United States. 1928

Rutherford, Robbie Gene. A strain energy method for an aeroelastic analysis. 1963

Salam, Dianne Joy Mirsky. Infinite abelian groups. 1962

Self, Gloria C. Lattices. 1961

Shelburne, Elizabeth. Necessary conditions for certain problems of the calculus of variations. 1931

Shilling, Lee Gordon, Jr. Free groups. 1960

Smith, Theron Lavon. The application of ultraradicals to the solution of the general quintic. 1953

Suhler, William Charles. A nonlinear least squares solution of a special "decay" exponential equation. 1961

Thompson, Bransford Maurice. Continued fractions and zeros of polynomials. 1962

Tucker, Ernest R. Mathematics during the reformation and the renaissance. 1921

Uzzell, Bobby R. Distribution theory. 1966

Wall, Charles Robert. Sums and differences of generalized Fibonacci numbers. 1964

Whiteside, Oscar Rex. The Cooperative Algebra test and The ACE Psychological quantitative test as predictors of mathematical success for engineering majors at Arlington State College. 1961

Whitfield, John H. M. Finite-dimensional inner product spaces. 1962

Wyatt, Joe B. Some topological classifications of continuous functions. 1961

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