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FrogCon: Home

February 22, 2020

FrogCon 2020

February 22, 2020 10am—5pm || TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

What is FrogCon?

FrogCon is a popular culture convention hosted by the TCU Library focusing on “geek” interests such as speculative fiction media, literature, arts/crafts, performances, music, tabletop and video games, and academic interests and future careers in same. 

There will be two programming tracks, one focused on academic work and interests in the field, and one a more traditional science fiction/geek convention track with panelists drawn from professionals working in the various industries that create pop culture media, such as authors, publishers, artists, musicians, game designers, and so forth, as well as amateur creators with hobby interests in the field.


Registration for FrogCon 2020 is free. Show up, sign in so we have a record of how many people attend, and have fun!


If you'd like to help us out with running FrogCon, please contact us! We need people for things like sitting at the registration/sign-in desk, helping with open board gaming, and general go-fer type of things. Our emails are on the sidebar.


Please do! We'd love it if you wore a costume! Just keep in mind TCU and FrogCon's weapons policy (on the FAQ page), and please leave any prop weapons at home.

FrogCon Co-Chairs

Stephanie Folse's picture
Stephanie Folse
Texas Christian University
TCU Box 298400
Fort Worth, TX
Ammie Harrison's picture
Ammie Harrison
Mary Couts Burnett Library
TCU Box 298400
Fort Worth, TX 76129
(817) 257-5338