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Online Training Resources for Faculty/Staff: Home

Compilation of many of the online training sessions available while we are away from campus. Some sessions will be more applicable for library employees, many will be applicable for everyone

How to Use this Guide


Navigate by the tabs at the top of the page to find training opportunities.


If you have suggestions or resources to recommend, please contact Diana Boerner at

TCU Koehler Center training

Resources for Instructors & Departments/ Programs Guides for getting started with distance learning and best practices

Panopto:  guidelines and tutorials

Audio & Video Tools:  guidelines and tutorials

Google Drive:  guidelines and tutorials

Turnitin:  guidelines and tutorials

Ramping up Rapidly for Existing Users:  Links out to a variety of resources for online teaching.

Ramping up Rapidly for New Users:  Similar to existing users, but begins with some step-by-step instructions

On-Demand TCU Online Training Videos:  On-demand videos for various D2L features/programs/softwares.



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