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Educational Counseling Research Guide: Find Counseling Interventions

Subject Guide

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What is an intervention?

A brief intervention is an action taken by the therapist either (1) to be completed during the counseling session or (2) given to the client(s) as a task and completed within 1-2 counseling sessions.

A counseling intervention (for the purpose of this course) is not a standard program, research protocol, educational booklets, multi-week programs or trainings, and so on (Thomas, Syllabus... 2011).


Search Terms

So how do you go about finding interventions that you can talk about in your paper?

There are a few strategies to try. First, you'll need to determine what your search terms will be. Think about this project, and the definition of an intervention for the purpose of this class. What are some other terms you might try that mean the same thing? Or have a similar meaning? For example:

  • therapy
  • counseling
  • etc.

You can also try thinking about the kind of information you are looking for:

  • clinical psychology
  • case study
  • etc.

Another strategy is to search for types of interventions you have heard about or already know about to find other examples of how therapists are using them. For example, dance therapy, or play therapy.

What are synonyms for the topic you are studying? For example, another term for "shyness" is "bashfulness" (see how I found this knowledge by looking at my handout in the "search tips" section of this research guide).

After you determine what your search terms will be, you need to know which databases to use. For this assignment, you need a combination of information from books as well as journal articles. To find books on your topic, use the Library Catalog. To find journal articles and books, one place you can start is Frog Scholar, a general database that searches across multiple sources, including our library catalog and the journal databases. Frog Scholar acts a little like Google, except that it only searches things that are available at the TCU library, so it is a really good place to start.

Once you have tried Frog Scholar, then you should try some of our more subject specific databases, including:

  • ERIC
  • PsychInfo
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Soc Index
  • Any of the other databases listed in the "Article Databases" section of this research guide

Finally, once you start looking at the articles you find, you'll need to determine whether they meet the criteria of an intervention for the purposes of this class.

Please contact me if you need assistance.