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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Chemistry Dissertations and Theses

This guide shows online and print resources related to chemistry and biochemistry.

Chemistry dissertations and theses at TCU

This page includes a list of all known chemistry dissertations and theses written by TCU students. The list is divided into four parts:

  1. Dissertations online, 2006-present
  2. Dissertations in print, before 2006
  3. Theses online, 2006-present
  4. Theses in print, before 2006

Chemistry dissertations online 2006-present

I will be updating this list once each summer.

Chemistry dissertations in print format before 2006

Adickes, H. Wayne. Reactions of halothiophenes with metal amides. 1968

Amezcua, Carlos A. Conformational analysis of menthone, isomenthone, and several of their imines by NMR spectroscopy and molecular modelling: effect of group electronegativities on 3JHH. 1999

Annunziata, Onofrio. Analysis of the protein-salt coupled transport: precision measurements of multicomponent diffusion coefficients for aqueous lysozyme solutions containing chloride salts at 25C̊ and in conditions relevant for crystal growth. 2001

Anthony, Francis Andrew. Studies on calcium-binding proteins. 1984

Aoyagi, Keichi. A study of isothermal diffusion in liquids. 1973

Azimi, Kaveh. Synthesis and characterization of aminoborane derivatives of N-silylphosphoranimines. 1993

Barager, Howard J. Preparation and some chemistry of α-halo and α-diazo sulfoxides. 1975

Barnard, Gareth Denly. NMR studies of the bile salt-lecithin mixed micelle. 1980

Bell, Kevin Earl. I, Substituent effects on the reactivity of selected amine-boranes; II, Amine-borane reduction of nitroso compounds. 1991

Bigham, Shelli Renee. The influence of polynucleotide stabilizers on selected properties of quantum-confined cadmium sulfide semiconductor clusters. 1995

Boyd, Bruce A. Synthesis and reactivity of 1-phosphadienes and their precursors. 1988

Branum, Gary D. The abnormal Finkelstein reaction: a mechanistic study. 1981

Breithaupt, Thomas Brown. Phosphorylation of chick synaptosomal proteins. 1977

Brown, E. Sherwood. Studies of aminotriazinones: cycloproparenone precursors? 1989

Brown, Stanley Duncan. Cactus alkaloids. 1969

Chandler, Robin R. Investigation of the surface states in quantum-confined semiconductor clusters. 1993

Chang, Kok Wai. Spectroscopy and structure of free radicals and molecules at low temperatures. 1982

Chen, Lao-Jer. The thermolysis of five-membered heteroaromatic anhydrides as a route to arynes and fused cyclopropenones. 1978

Chiu, Tien-Cheng. Externally disposed polypeptides of the chick synaptosomal plasma membrane. 1977

Combs, Gerald Lee. Reactivities of some norbornene- and sesquinorbornene-type double bonds. 1982

Constable, Kevin Paul. Studies directed toward the total synthesis of reiswigin A;: and, New insights into the mechanism of the Skattebol rearrangement. 1992

Daubert, Robert Gene. Synthetic routes to secondary azacyclononanes. 1971

Deavenport, Dennis Leon. Carbon-13 and proton NMR parameters of substituted aromatics and steriods. 1974

Del Mazza, Dario. A. The solution reactivity of benzyne in thiophenes.: B. Tetrahydrothiopyran-4-ols. 1980

Deprele, Sylvine. Phosphorus-carbon bond formation: new methodologies for hydrophosphinylation reactions. 2004

Eduok, Etim Effiong. Part I, Use of Co(III)(trien) in the synthesis of amino acids and related compounds; Part II, Synthesis of precursors of organic conductors and their metal complexes. 1991

Eppstein, Lee Bernhardt. Isotope effects in liquid diffusion. 1971

Ford, Randal Ray. Synthesis and carbon tetrachloride reactions of (silylamino)phosphines. 1984

Francis, Robert F. Preparation of Azacyclononanes. 1967

Garadi, Rekha. Topographical studies of chick brain synaptic plasma membrane polypeptides. 1977

Garza Tames, Cesar Manuel. The effects of vacancies on the thermodynamic properties of harmonic crystals: cell cluster method. 1980

Gaston, Carolyn Jo. A study of the metabolism of 20-hydroxyecdysone in Homarus americanus. 1978

Ghosh, Tirthankar. Part A, Sulfuration of the norbornene double bond: formation and reactions of norbornane trithianes and pentathianes; Part B, Molecular rearrangements of fused norbornene ring systems and their heterocyclic counterparts. 1986

Gibbs, Charles G. Investigations into the chemistry of aromatic sulfines (Thioketone-S-oxides). 1973

González, Carlos. A study of the reaction between sodium phenoxide and 2-chlorocyclohexanone-1,2-C¹⁴. 1967

Grins, George. The catalytic alpha-methylation of pyridines. 1970

Grossie, David A. X-ray structural investigations: I. Two alkaline earth metal complexes; II. Triphenylphosphine oxide silver (I) nitrate; III. Two molecular complexes of 18-crown-6; IV. 2-(4,5-benzo-1,3-dithiol-2-ylidene)-cyclohexanone; V. Bis-bicyclo-[3.3.1]-nona-9-ylidene. 1982

Harris, Michael C. The synthesis and ESR analysis of pentaarylethyl free radicals. 1983

Hausler, Natasha L. Regulation of neurotransmitter release. 2002

Holley, Woodrow Wilson. Synthesis, structure, and magnetism of some polynuclear copper (II) complexes. 1980

Ji, Junmin. Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of (N-Silyl)diphosphazenes. 1995

Jia, Qi. Bolivia-Kallawayan medicinal plants as leads to anti-HIV, anti-tumor and other potential drugs. 1995

Jiang, Xiou-Yan. Synthesis and derivative chemistry of 2-phosphabutadienes and the reactivity of a two-coordinate phosphine with organolithium reagents. 1999

Jinkerson, David Lee. Alkyl/arylphosphazenes: new polymers, cyclic analogs, and precursors. 1989

Johnson, D. R. I, Crystal structures and properties of some 4-substituted pyridine N-oxide copper (II) complexes; II, The crystal and molecular structure of (+)-Dinitrobis (L-Arginine) Cobalt (III) nitrate dihydrate. 1970

Kidd, Morgan Ray. Magnetic properties of binuclear copper (II) complexes of 4-substituted pyridine N-oxides. 1969

Klaehn, John Ray. Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of new mixed substituent phosphoranimines. 1999

Kong, Chuang Fong. Calcium binding to membrane skeletal proteins. 1988

Krawiec, Mariusz. Structural studies of polycyclic compounds and calixarenes. 1994

Kucera, William R. Synthesis and reactivity of 1-phosphadienes and P-acetylenic silicon-nitrogen-phosphorus compounds. 1994

Li, Chengwei. Phytochemical study of Psoralea glandulosa, Cestrum parqui and Indigofera heterantha;: Rearrangement mechanism in oxidation of Thiophene aminotriazinone; [and] Synthesis of amino acid and peptide analogues of chicoric acid as HIV-1 integrase inhibitors. 2004

Li, Xin. Fundamental properties of transition metal complex doped-calcium phosphate/porous silicon/silicon structures. 2000

Lindabery, Gregory C. Novel synthetic approaches to the 5,10b-ethano-phenanthridine nucleus of the crinine-type amaryllidaceae alkaloids from isoquinoline. 1999

Longlet, Jon J. Synthesis and silicon-nitrogen bond cleavage reactions of n-silylphosphoranimines. 1994

Mao, Yingqun. Phytochemical studies of the Bolivian medicinal plants Lampaya medicinalis and "Evanta" [and] synthesis of ¹⁴C-labeled and analogues of the HIV integrase inhibitor chicoric acid. 2003

Massingill, John Lee. Alkaloids of bacteria and cacti and a novel synthesis of Dihydro-p-dithiins and dihydrodithiepins. 1968

Mathew, Roy. Isothermal binary and ternary diffusion studies of strong electrolytes from low to high concentrations. 1987

May, Jim. Polymer studies by gel permeation chromatography. 1968

McCluney, Rebecca Ellen. The autoxidation of diphenylketene. 1979

McFadden, Susanne Christine. Studies of [³H]-Noradrenaline and [¹⁴C]-Glutamate release from synaptosomes. 2002

Mendez-Rojas, Miguel A. Synthesis and characterization of molecular materials with potential optical and electronic applications. 2001

Mercer, Bradley David. Methyl substituent effects on electrophilic additions to some benzobicyclooctadienes. 1987

Miao, Wenfang. Bolivian medicinal herbs as source of leads for anti-tumor and anti-HIV drugs. 2000

Mitchell, John Peter. Optical measurement of binary and multicomponent diffusion coefficients in aqueous solutions. 1992

Morton, David Ward. Nucleophilic reactions of (silylamino)phosphines. 1981

Newsom, James Graham. The synthesis and pyrolysis of the thiopene cyclic anhydrides. 1977

Nobles, Acie E. Molecular orbital calculations of substituted aromatic anion radical spin densities. 1970

O'Neal Harold Randy. Synthesis and reactivity of (Silylamino)-phosphines with P-H bonds. 1982

Re, Michael Angelo. A new approach to the synthesis of substituted isoquinolines. 1987

Roark, James L. Substituent effects on aromatic proton chemical shifts. 1969

Rodríguez Sifrés, Ricardo E. The hydroperoxidase activity of deuteroferriheme: kinetic study of a peroxidase model. 1987

Rogers, Jesse Wallace. A molecular orbital and ESR study of nitro-substituted anion [pi]-radicals. 1968

Roy, Aroop Kumar. Synthesis and metal-carbonyl derivatives of alkyl/aryl (silylimino)phosphoranes and polyphosphazenes. 1984

Rudel, Michael Gregory. The exploration of new synthetic methods using boron mediation. 1990

Sager, Ray Stuart. The crystal structures and properties of copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes of β-diketones and aromatic N-oxides. 1968

Samuel, Remy C. Synthesis, characterization, and condensation reactions of some new (silylamino)phosphines and N-silylphosphoranimines. 1992

Sant, Milind Prabhakar. Synthetic methodology for key intermediates in the total synthesis of reiswigin A;: and, Improvement in the Semmler-Wolf aromatization of 19-nortestosterone oxime. 1991

Scheide, Gary Michael. Deprotonation/substitution reactions and polymerization of N-silylphosphoranimines. 1988

Senter, Robert Andrew. A study of structural and electronic effects in erbium (III) doped and undoped Group 14 nanostructures. 2004

Sharp, Keith Wayne. Synthesis and characterization of sodium polyselenides in liquid ammonia solution. 1976

Shaw, Sonya Yvette. Synthesis and characterization of new precursors to boron-nitrogen polymers. 1988

Sherrill, Bette Cecile Benham. Liquid diffusion studies: tracer and optical methods. 1973

Shinmi, Masato. Phase transitions in lattice models of one-, two-, and three-component molecular systems. 1986

Skillern, Kenneth Robert. I, Displacement reactions of trimethylamine-haloalanes, preparation and characterization of dihydroaluminum(1+) salts; II, Kinetics and mechanism of acid catalyzed hydrolysis of trimethylamine-azidoborane. 1976

Smith, Gary Lee. The synthesis and characterization of various bis-(ligand)dihydroboron(n+) salts. 1970

South, Bobbie Enloe. A diastereoselective approach to the total synthesis of quinine. 1991

St. John, John Vincent. Fabrication and characterization of rare earth-doped silicon nanocrystals and rare earth-doped silicon dioxide nanostructures. 1999

Stemple, Norman Rinehart. I, Development of a set of crystallographic programs; II, Crystal structures of two aromatic di-n-oxide CuCl₂ complexes and xanthotoxin. 1970

Sun, Duoli. Synthesis and properties of quinone derivatives. 1997

Sweryda-Krawiec, Beata. The impact of Lewis acid/base exposure on the surface states of luminescent porous silicon. 1997

Temple, Harold W. Polymer studies via gel permeation chromatographic analysis. 1969

Thoma, Randall Jay. Synthesis and reactivity of low-coordinate phosphines. 1984

Thompson, Tina Louise. Chick brain synaptosomal polypeptides: phosphorylation and calcium binding studies. 1986

Ting, Hsing-yie. The crystal structures of a dimeric borane and two natural products. 1971

Walter, Rueben Henry. The synthesis and reactions of 2-carboxythiophene-3-diazonium chloride. 1974

Wang, Bin. Synthesis and reactivity of 4-aryl substituted phosphazenes and their precursors: synthesis of poly(phenylenephosphazenes). 2000

Ward, Mark A. Synthesis of phenylsulfinylcyclopropanes and studies of alpha-diazosulfoxides and phenylsulfinyl carbene. 1979

Weidig, Charles F. The Kinetics and mechanism of hydrolysis of nitrogen base adducts of cyano - and fluroboranes. 1974

Wenegieme, Elizabeth Obozuwa. Caption binding to gizzard and brain [alpha]-actinins: effects on structure and function. 1994

Wettermark, Urszula Gorecka. Chemistry of poly(phosphazene) precursors. 1986

Whinnery, James Elliott. X-ray crystal structure analysis of inorganic and biologically-active molecules. 1972

Whipple, Michael Robert. The role of neurotransmitter uptake in the mechanism of action of hallucinogens. 1980

White, Sidney S. Kinetics and mechanism of the morpholine-borane reduction of methyl alkyl ketones. 1970

Williams, Rickey Jay. X-ray crystal structure studies of metal complexes. 1968

Winslow, Christopher David. A methods development approach towards the Galanthan skeleton starting with isoquinoline. 2000

Withey, Paul Andrew. Fourier transform vibrational spectroscopy of pure carbon and silicon-carbon clusters. 1993

Woo, Fanny S. The kinetics and mechanism of redox reactions of the iron(III) complex of mesoporphyrin(IX). 1990

Wood, Christopher E. Synthesis and condensation polymerization of N-silylphosphoranimines: new production methods for poly(alkyl/arylphosphazenes). 1992

Woodrow, Thomas Aaron. Preparation and oxidation of 3-aminothienotriazinones as a probe of the structure of thiopene analogs of benzocyclopropenone. 1983

Woodyard, James Douglas. A study of the triplet state of organic molecules. 1966

Wu, Chengjiu. The 1,5-sigmatropic hydrogen shifts and some other reactions of isodicyclopentadienes. 1982

Xie, Dejian. The chemistry of calixarene-based copper complexes and anhydrides. 1997

Yang, Zan Wei. Modulation of filament formation by glial fibrillary acidic protein and involvement of calcium. 1987

Zhang, Libing. Surface modification and its impact on luminescent properties of porous silicon. 1997

Zhang, Yi. Synthetic approaches towards the skeleton of the crinine-type amaryllidaceae alkaloids from isoquinoline and total synthesis of (±)-elwesine. 2004

Zheng, Qian. Involvement of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in neurotransmission. 2003

Zheng, Xu. Studies of neurotransmitter release from permeabilized synaptosomes. 1997

Zhou, Xiaoming. Photolysis and oxidation of aminotriazinone derivatives: a carbon-13 labelling study. 1993

Chemistry theses in print format before 2006

Alquiza, Mariella S. Cahiwat. Exploring the catalytic function of the iron(III) complex of mesoporphyrin IX. 1982

Ancona, Astley Cooper. The chromatographic identification of some heavy metals on columns of magnesia. 1951

Batra, Indu. The interaction of fluorescent molecules with calcium phosphate films on porous silicon. 2001

Benavides, Luis A. Chick brain synaptic vesicles isolation and characterization. 1979

Brown, Stanley Duncan. A new cactus alkaloid. 1965

Burrage, Charles Douglas. The Kolbe electrolysis of potassium acetate in the presence of some aromatic hydrocarbons1. 1963

Chang, Ping-Tzu. The crystal structure of Cu(C5H7O2)2 2AgClO4. 1964

Chen, Der-Tuu. An approach to the synthesis of (4-14C)-7-dehydrocholesterol. 1978

Chen, Teh-Kuei. The reactions of isopropenyl acetate with a series of aliphatic ketones. 1964

Clardy, LeRoy. Densities and refractive indices of bromoform-benzene mixtures. 1934

Daniel, Vinod. Diffusion studies in 1,1 potassium electrolytes. 1991

Dwight, David Walter. Studies on the aging of hydrous neodymium hydroxide gel. 1966

Everett, Jennifer Jean. Raman spectroscopy of dilute solutions of alkali metal iodides and perchlorates in liquid ammonia. 1979

Featherston, Aleck B. Bromination of benzene. 1951

Flores, Robert J. A study of the nitrous acid deamination of 7-aminobicyclo(4.1.0) heptane. 1961

Fu, Jingwei. Diffusion coefficients of aqueous NaCl+Na2SO4 at 25°C & calculation of trace diffusion coefficients of SO2-/4 in NaCl. 2001

Fultz, Gary D. Oxidation with tert-butyl hydroperoxide. 1970

Genchur, Sue Andrews. Displacement reactions of trimethylamine-iodoboranes: a study of leaving group tendencies and polyion formation. 1971

Gibson, Dorothy Hinds. The synthesis of polyurethans by the alcoholysis of di-urethans. 1956

González, Carlos. The condensation of acetone with dimethylfulvene. 1963

Green, M. A. An improved synthesis of di-(4-hydroxyphenyl)phosphinic acid and its oxomethyldiethylphosphonate methylphosphinate derivative. 1993

Hall, Colby D., Jr. Vapor pressure of normal-butyl bromide. 1941

Han, Jun. New methods for the syntheses of isocarbostyrils. 2004

Henderson, Lance M. Selected studies of addition/reductions of pyridine-boranes. 1994

Ho, Oliver Chenpu. Studies on the synthesis of certain m-quaterphenyls. 1989

Hodgkins, Joe Earle. An investigation of the bromination of phenol and aniline in two phase systems. 1951

Hollingworth, Thomas Andrew. Reactions of halothianaphthenes with alkali amides in liquid ammonia. 1967

Hong, Qi. Phytochemical studies of medicinal plants as potential anti-mycobacterial drugs. 1998

Huang, Zhihong. Studies of phosphorus-carbon bond formations by palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions and their application into the synthesis of gaba analogs. 2003

Hughes, Michael Peyton. Divalent carbon: some reactions in the diphenylmethyl series. 1961

Ibarra, Catalina. Uses, history and synthesis of bismuth alkoxides and molybdenum oxoalkoxides. 2002

Ivie, Rufus Alonzo. The crystal structure of cuauhtemone. 1974

Kilmer, Charlie Clarence. An investigation of several methods of preparation of tripotassium hexabromo-u-tribromoditungstate (III). 1964

Kim, Chong W. Part I. The electrolysis of potassium hydrocinnamate. Part II. Polystyrene studies by the gel permeation chromatograph. 1965

King, James Arthur. Reactions of phenyldiazomethane. 1963

Knight, John T. A gel permeation chromatographic study of the polymerization of methylmethacrylate. 1970

Kollmansberger, Anthony E. Some facets of gel permeation chromatography. 1965

Lands, Larry. Polymerization of acetylene and some of its derivatives. 1960

Larsen, Jason Daniel. Optical properties of silicon nanoparticles as a function of high pressure and surface modification. 1999

Lawson, Jimmie B. Preliminary investigation of the catalytic activity of semiconductors. 1960

Lee, Walter Frank. Kinetic study of an acid-catalyzed transimination reaction. 1966

Liao, Hongyu. A new approach to the synthesis of Reiswigin A. 1997

Lin, Chi-Tsun. The crystal structure of AgNi(C5H7O)3 2AgNO3. 1963

Lin, Wei-Ping. The crystal structure of C12H8O4. 1964

Liu, (Gordon) Yao-ting. A kinetic study of the Kaluza & Hodgkins synthesis. 1957

Lorenc, Anna Teresa. Calcium binding to tropomyosin. 1991

Lowe, John R. The kinetics and mechanism of the solvolysis of trimethylamine-iodoboranes. 1970

Macha, Matthew Richard. Exclusive intracellular phosphorylation and calcium binding of the erythrocyte cytoskeleton. 1984

Maloney, Jim N. A spectrophotometric study of the disproportionation of hydrazobenzene. 1956

Marriott, Vic B. On the acid catalyzed reactions of ammonia-borane and trimethylamine-isocyanoborane. 1979

Maschmeyer, Donald Martin. Structural investigations of 1-anthraquinonesulfenic acid and some selected derivatives. 1972

Massingill, John Lee, Jr. Gas chromatography of alkaloids. 1965

McMordie, Warren C., Jr. An investigation of the polymerization of acetylene with titanium tetrachloride: aluminum triisobutyl catalyst. 1960

Megarity, Eldon Dennis. A study of benzyl free radicals at 77° K. 1964

Meneshian, Murad Aristakes. Investigation of the electrodeposition of W with Mn and other metals. 1964

Mohr, William Bruce. Reaction of 3-bromothianaphthene with piperidine. 1969

Nemec, Terry Allen. The effects of laser illumination and external ions on the visible luminescence from silicon nanocrystallites as a function of pressure. 2001

Numajiri, Satoru. Synthesis of dl-pilocarpine. 1963

Park, Emmet Scott. A study of boron-activated dienamines derived from pyridine-N-borane. 1988

Prieto, César. Synthesis of some (silylmethyl) - and (silylmethylene) phosphines. 1986

Qian, Chengyi. The rearrangement reactions of gem-dichlorocyclyopropylcarbinyl cations. 1988

Reeves, Wylie Preston. A kinetic study of the decomposition of carboethoxy n-butyldithiocarbamate. 1959

Roettger, Linda J. Reactions of microperoxidase and deuteroferriheme with peroxo substrates. 1978

Sachitano, Jack L., Jr. A study of the absorption and emission properties of some heterocyclic N-oxides. 1969

Samuel, Uta S. Methylation studies on p-tert-butylcalix(4)arene via reversed-phase HPLC. 1995

Schmidt, Ann Marti. Moments and thermodynamic properties of the triangular lattice. 1972

Seo, Byung Ick. The synthesis of some 4",6'-diisopropoxy-r,r'"-dimethoxy-m-quaterphenyls.. 1989

Showalter, Ada Maxine. Radiochemical study of the acetolysis of 3-Phenyl-2-Butyl Tosylate-1-C14. 1964

Smith, Billie Lee. Solvent-solute interactions in liquid ammonia solutions. 1973

Stephenson, Danny Lon. Dehydrohalogenation at a single carbon atom. 1960

Stovall, Dona Lee. The synthesis of 2,3-diketopiperazine. 1954

Wang, Hua. Synthesis and condensation polymerization of aminoborane derivatives of N-silylphosphoranimines. 1996

Wang, Zhaoyu. Synthesis and characterization of erbium-surface enriched silicon nanowires. 2003

Waters, Kenneth Roy. The synthesis and reactions of vinyl-substituted (silylamino) phosphines. 1987

Watson, Curtis A., Jr. The specific gravity gradient balance. 1960

Webster, William Wayne. Vinyl polymerizations via the Kolbe electrolysis. 1965

Whitehead, Melanie Anne. Biodegradable polymer scaffolds containing mesoporous silicon and one-dimensional nanostructures of silicon and germanium for use in tissue engineering. 2005

Williams, Robert N. The polymerization of hexamethylenediamine and ethylenediamine tetracetic acid. 1953

Woodyard, James Douglas, Jr. Reaction of benzal chloride with olefins. 1963

Wu, Noh-Yah. A synthesis toward ecdysone. 1972

Yang, Tsan Hsi. The chemical composition of the less polar fractions from thirty species of the tribe Vernonieae (compositae) and two species of the tribe Heliantheae (compositae). 1987

Ye, Mei. Phytochemical studies of plants as potential anti-cancer drugs. 2004

Yuh, Young Hyon. The electrolysis of potassium acetate in methanol and 3,3-dimethyl-l-butene. 1963

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