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FrogCon: FAQ

February 22, 2020

FrogCon Policies

Code of Conduct

FrogCon expects all participants, whether they are members of the TCU community or the general public, to follow TCU’s regulations and codes of conduct

From TCU's code of conduct on harassment: 

Violation of the University’s Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Conduct can be reviewed at the TCU Title IX website.

Examples of prohibited behavior under this Section include, but are not limited to: sexual violence (which includes all nonconsensual sexual contact, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking and any other conduct of a sexual nature, undertaken without mutual consent or which has the purpose or effect of threatening or intimidating a person), interpersonal violence, dating violence and domestic violence.

 If you are subject to unwanted behavior or speech, please report it to FrogCon, Library or University staff.

Photography Policy

Photographs may be taken at FrogCon that include FrogCon attendees, speakers, guests, panelists, vendors, and other participants in them. These photographs may be used for FrogCon and/or TCU publicity. Registration for and participation in FrogCon includes agreement to these terms.

Weapons Policy

TCU is a no-carry campus, and FrogCon adheres to TCU's weapons policy, which prohibits all weapons, even if concealed. FrogCon also extends this policy to cover practice, replica, costume and fake weapons, including non-viable weapons or weaponlike objects such as water guns that are part of cosplay or other costuming, even if they are peace-bonded. In short, leave them at home.

Q. I have a programming idea I'd like to see at FrogCon. Who should I contact?

A. Contact either Stephanie G. Folse or Ammie E. Harrison, Co-Directors of FrogCon. Our contact information is on the sidebar of the home page, on the right on desktop and on the bottom on mobile.

Q. Is there WiFi access?

A. The TCU Library offers wifi access for the TCU community and for anyone who has an Eduroam account. Connect to the eduroam network by following these instructions.

Q. Where can I find food and drink?

A. Unfortunately, the Library's Bistro Burnett is not open on Saturdays. For quick drinks and snacks, find water fountains near the central elevators (building maps) a soda and water machine that takes cash, credit cards and ApplePay on the 2nd floor between the Reference Reading Room and the Gearhart Reading Room on the 2nd floor (2nd floor map), and find a snack machine and a soda machine that take cash and FrogBucks on the first level of the Rees-Jones building directly to the east of the Library.

For more substantial meals, find several restaurants along University Drive and Berry St. (Google maps), a short walk from the Library.

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