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Art & Design Reference eBooks

The Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts
Historical Dictionary of Contemporary Art
The Oxford Dictionary of Art
Grove Art
The Thames and Hudson Encyclopedia of British Art
The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture
The Grove Encyclopedia of Northern Renaissance Art
A Biographical Dictionary of Artists

Books & eBooks selected by TCU Art & Design Faculty

Typeset in the Future
The Biology of Art
Vija Celmins
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Landscapes of the Itza
Mexican Costumbrismo
Arts Programming for the Anthropocene
Textiles and wealth in 14th Century Florence. Wool, silk, painting.
Painting As Medicine in Early Modern Rome
Richard Wentworth : Making Do and Getting By
Painting and Narrative in France, from Poussin to Gauguin
The Black Trilogy
Popular Modernism and Its Legacies
Digital Middle East
Gauguin's Challenge
Arts Therapies and New Challenges in Psychiatry
Intersections of Contemporary Art, Anthropology and Art History in South Asia
Art As Biblical Commentary
Marketing the arts : a fresh approach / edited by Daragh O’Reilly and Finola Kerrigan.
Oscar G. Rejlander - Artist Photographer
Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts
Coloring the Caribbean
High Culture and Tall Chimneys
Textiles, Community and Controversy
The Deceivers
Art & Queer Culture
Frank Kunert: Topsy-Turvy World
Don't Have Feelings, Don't Make a Scene
Schizoanalytic Ventures at the End of the World
Creating Art Science Collaboration
Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds
Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts
Breaking the Frames
On Christian Iconography

New Art & Design eBooks

Anna of Denmark: The material and visual culture of the Stuart courts, 1589–1619 (Studies in Design and Material Culture)
What the Emperor Built: Architecture and Empire in the Early Ming by Aurelia Campbell
The Making of a Caribbean Avant-Garde Postmodernism as Post-nationalism
Transcending patterns : silk road cultural and artistic interactions through central Asian textile images
Troubling images : visual culture and the politics of Afrikaner nationalism
Songs of nature : John Sallis on paintings - Cao Jun
Angel de Cora, Karen Thronson, and the Art of Place
The Little Art Colony and US Modernism
The Place of Many Moods Udaipur’s Painted Lands and India’s Eighteenth Century
West African Masking Traditions and Diaspora Masquerade Carnivals
Art in England: the Saxons to the Tudors, 600-1600
The Michiana potters : art, community, and collaboration in the Midwest
Real Likenesses : Representation in Paintings, Photographs, and Novels
Daniel Johnston : a portrait of the artist as a potter in North Carolina by Henry Glassie.
The Female Secession : art and the decorative at the Viennese Women’s Academy
The Chinese Atlantic  : seascapes and the theatricality of globalization
Yumeji modern : designing the everyday in twentieth-century Japan
The Obama Portraits
Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography, 2nd Edition
Dissimilar similitudes : devotional objects in late Medieval Europe
A revolution in movement : dancers, painters, and the image of modern Mexico / K. Mitchell Snow.