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2020 Art & Design eBooks

Anna of Denmark: The material and visual culture of the Stuart courts, 1589–1619 (Studies in Design and Material Culture)
A revolution in movement : dancers, painters, and the image of modern Mexico / K. Mitchell Snow.
Daniel Johnston : a portrait of the artist as a potter in North Carolina by Henry Glassie.
The Obama Portraits
Documents of doubt : the photographic conditions of conceptual art by Heather Diack
Arrested welcome : hospitality in contemporary art
Anthropomorphic Images in Rock Art Paintings and Rock Carvings
What the Emperor Built: Architecture and Empire in the Early Ming by Aurelia Campbell
There is no soundtrack : rethinking art, media, and the audio-visual contract / Ming-Yuen S. Ma.
Disordering the establishment : participatory art and institutional critique in France, 1958-1981 / Lily Woodruff.
Art, Global Maoism and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Art effects : image, agency, and ritual in Amazonia / Carlos Fausto ; translated by David Rodgers.
Staging art and Chineseness : the politics of trans/nationalism and global expositions / Jane Chin Davidson.
Embodying relation : art photography in Mali
Infowhelm : environmental art and literature in an age of data / Heather Houser.
Ancient West Mexicos : time, space, and diversity


Negative exposures : knowing what not to know in contemporary China / Margaret Hillenbrand.
The warrior, the voyager, and the artist : three lives in an age of empire / Kate Fullagar.
The lives of paintings : presence, agency and likeness in Venetian art of the sixteenth century
Jefferson on display : attire, etiquette, and the art of presentation / G.S. Wilson.
Race experts : sculpture, anthropology, and the American public in Malvina Hoffman’s (start italics) Races of mankind (end italics) / Linda Kim.
The portrait’s subject : inventing inner life in the nineteenth-century United States / Sarah Blackwood.
Gaming representation : race, gender, and sexuality in video games / edited by Jennifer Malkowski and
Imaging identity : media, memory and portraiture in the digital age / edited by Melinda Hinkson.
On the lips of others : Moteuczoma’s fame in Aztec monuments and rituals / Patrick Thomas Hajovsky.


Epic Landscapes
Russian realisms : literature and painting, 1840-1890 / Molly Brunson.
The efficacious landscape : on the authorities of painting at the Northern Song court / Foong Ping.
Mirroring the Japanese empire : the male figure in yōga painting, 1930-1950 / by Maki Kaneko.
English painting / Ernest Chesneau.
The making of the artist in late Timurid painting by Lamia Balafrej
In the palace of Nezahualcoyotl : painting manuscripts, writing the pre-Hispanic past in early colonial period Tetzcoco,
Painting the gospel : black public art and religion in Chicago / Kymberly N. Pinder.
Portrait of a young painter [electronic resource] : Pepe Zúñiga and Mexico City’s rebel generation / Mary Kay Vaughan.
Painter’s practice : how artists lived and worked in traditional China / James Cahill.

Art Psychology

Jung on art : the autonomy of the creative drive / Tjeu van den Berk.
The portrait’s subject : inventing inner life in the nineteenth-century United States / Sarah Blackwood.
mages at work: the material culture of enchantment / David Morgan.
Cognitive iconology : when and how psychology explains images / Ian Verstegen
Reductionism in art and brain science : bridging the two cultures / Eric R. Kandel.
David to Delacroix : the rise of romantic mythology / Dorothy Johnson.
David to Delacroix : the rise of romantic mythology / Dorothy Johnson.
The Psychology of Contemporary Art.  Published: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Art and madness / José Guimón ; translated by Eoin McGirr and Mervyn Henderson.
The Artist’s Mind : a Psychoanalytic Perspective on Creativity, Modern Art and Modern Artists.
A psychoanalytic approach to visual artists / James W. Hamilton.


Gods and robots : myths, machines, and ancient dreams of technology / Adrienne Mayor.
A Sisterhood of Sculptors
Enid Yandell : Kentucky’s pioneer sculptor by Juilee Decker.
Sacred art : Catholic saints and Candomblee gods in modern Brazil
Saints, statues, and stories : a folklorist looks at the religious art of Sonora / James S. Griffith ; with research associate Francisco Javier Manzo Taylor.
Screening statues : sculpture and cinema
The hegemony of heritage [electronic resource] : ritual and the record in stone / Deborah L. Stein.
Standing soldiers, kneeling slaves : race, war, and monument in nineteenth-century America / Kirk Savage.
Anthropomorphizing the cosmos : Middle Preclassic lowland Maya figurines, ritual, and time / Prudence M. Rice.
Entering the Dharmadhātu : a study of the Gandavyūha reliefs of Borobudur / Jan Fontein.
The Lives of Chinese Objects : Buddhism, Imperialism and Display / Louise Tythacott.


Ceramics, cuisine and culture : the archaeology and science of kitchen pottery in the ancient Mediterranean world / edited by Michela Spataro and Alexandra Villing.
Athenian Potters and Painters
Global Clay
Mirrors of clay : reflections of ancient Andean life in ceramics from the Sam Olden Collection
Obsession : Sir William Van Horne’s Japanese ceramics / edited by Ron Graham.
The Origins and Use of the Potter's Wheel in Ancient Egypt
Ceramics by Philip Rawson.
Painting pots, painting people : late Neolithic ceramics in ancient Mesopotamia
Artistic Ambivalence in Clay
Creole clay : heritage ceramics in the contemporary Caribbean / Patricia J. Fay.
The Hellenistic and Roman fine pottery
Ceramics and the Spanish conquest [electronic resource] : response and continuity of indigenous pottery technology in Central Mexico / by Gilda Hernández Sánchez.
The Emergence of Pottery in West Asia
The Bronze Age begins : the ceramics revolution of early Minoan I and the new forms of wealth that transformed prehistoric society / by Philip P. Betancourt.


Drawing boundaries : architectural images in Qing China / Anita Chung.
Writing on Drawing
Divine diagrams : the manuscripts and drawings of Paul Lautensack (1477/78-1558) / by Berthold Kress
Enabling Children's Learning Through Drawing
Figured Ostraca from New Kingdom Egypt
Drawing: The enactive evolution of the practitioner

Books & eBooks selected by TCU Art & Design Faculty

Art & Queer Culture
Art As Biblical Commentary
Marketing the arts : a fresh approach / edited by Daragh O’Reilly and Finola Kerrigan.
Oscar G. Rejlander - Artist Photographer
Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts
Coloring the Caribbean
High Culture and Tall Chimneys
Almost Eternal
Textiles, Community and Controversy
The Deceivers
Intersections of Contemporary Art, Anthropology and Art History in South Asia
Frank Kunert: Topsy-Turvy World
Don't Have Feelings, Don't Make a Scene
Schizoanalytic Ventures at the End of the World
Creating Art Science Collaboration
Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds
Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts
Breaking the Frames
On Christian Iconography
Textiles and wealth in 14th Century Florence. Wool, silk, painting.
The Biology of Art
Vija Celmins
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Landscapes of the Itza
Mexican Costumbrismo
Arts Programming for the Anthropocene
Typeset in the Future
Painting As Medicine in Early Modern Rome
Richard Wentworth : Making Do and Getting By
Painting and Narrative in France, from Poussin to Gauguin
The Black Trilogy
Popular Modernism and Its Legacies
Digital Middle East
Gauguin's Challenge
Arts Therapies and New Challenges in Psychiatry