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LGBTQIA+ & the Federal Government: Gender Resource Office

This guide highlights primary and secondary Government resources pertaining to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Gender Resource Office

TCU is fast establishing a prominent LGBTQIA+ presence on and off the campus in Fort Worth. Between the Gender Resource Office (GRO), Women and Gender Studies (WGST) and both undergraduate and graduate Spectrum organizations, in the short space of two years a lot of momentum has been gained. From a multitude of relevant courses available at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to symposiums, nationally recognized speakers, hugely successful professional Drag Shows as well as smaller functions with social needs and/or equality activism in mind, the students, faculty and staff at TCU are Leading On with LGBTQIA+ rights on campus and within higher education.

In Jarvis Hall on the second floor, there is a brand-new safe space for study and socializing. It will be staffed by allies and will be open for any students, especially those who fall into a minority group, such as LGBTQIA+ students.

There will be a monthly social and a large amount of resources and staff support available at GRO, as well as extensive collaborative event programming across the campus.

TCU Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services

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