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THEA 11243 Introduction to Theatre Design: Books

Helpful Areas in the Library

Most of your materials for design will be found in these sections in the library.  All of these areas are on the lower level of the library.

Costume, Dress, and Fashion

GT 500 to GT2370


NA Section

Decorative Arts

NK Section

The Stage and Accessories

PN2085 to PN2091

Books on Furniture Design

TT 180 to TT 200

Clothing manufacturing, Tailoring

TT 490 to TT 695

Home arts and Homecrafts

TT697 to TT 927

Hairdressing and Beaulty Culture

TT 950 to TT 979

In designing for Ghosts, you may want to know more about Ibsen, criticism and interpretation of the play, or production of previous plays. Most items concern Ibsen will be in the following section:

PT8850 to PT8900
This section focuses on Ibsen and all of his works

This section focuses on Ghosts

Ibsen's relation to his contemporaries

Where Ibsen lived, visited, spent time, etc.

PT8895 to PT8898
Criticism and Interpretation


Dramatic Representation of Ibsen's Plays



Helpful Books

These are some of the text listed in the syllabus that may be helpful.

Humanities & Theatre

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