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Presidential Power: Washington v. Trump

We have the University of Washington School of Law to thank for parts of this outstanding review of Presidential power.

Washington v. Trump --- News

AG Ferguson seeks halt to Trump’s immigration Executive Order, News Release, Wash. Atty. Gen. Office, Jan. 30, 2017.

Trump Executive Order lawsuit: hearing set for Seattle federal court Friday, News Release, Wash. Atty. Gen. Office, Feb. 2, 2017.

Jim Brunner & Jessica Lee, Federal judge in Seattle halts Trump’s immigration order, Seattle Times, Feb. 3, 2017.

AG Ferguson obtains court order halting Trump immigration action, News Release, Wash. Atty. Gen. Office, Feb. 3, 2017.

Nicholas Kulish et al., Court Temporarily Blocks Trump's Travel Ban, and Airlines Are Told to Allow Passengers, N.Y. Times, Feb. 3, 2017.

Mark Landler, Appeals Court Rejects Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban, N.Y. Times, Feb. 4, 2017 (includes video clips).

Matt Zapotosky & Robert Barnes, 9th Circuit Court declines to quickly reinstate travel ban, Wash. Post, Feb. 5, 2017 (includes video clips of Vice President Pence and President Trump).

Aaron Blake, Constitutional Crisis? What Happens if Trump Decides to Ignore a Judge's Ruling, Wash. Post, Feb. 5, 2017.

Patrick McGreevy, California joins 15 other states going to court to challenge Trump's immigration orders L.A. Times (Essential Politics blog), Feb. 6, 2017.

Sue Reisinger, Why Companies From Apple to Zynga Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban, Corp. Counsel (orig. Nat’l L.J.), Feb. 6, 2017.

U.S. Courts for the Ninth Circuit, Media Advisory: Ninth Circuit En Banc Procedure Summary, Feb. 10, 2017.

Immigrant-Ban Lawsuit by Washington, Minnesota to Proceed, Seattle Judge Rules, Seattle Times, Feb. 13, 2017.

Washington v. Trump --- Case Documents

The Ninth Circuit has a page with selected documents.

The list below often streamlines document titles. For instance, "Motion for Leave to File Brief Amicus Curiae and Draft Brief" might become "Amicus Brief."

Washington v. Trump --- District Court

Documents from Washington v. Trump, No. 2:17-cv-00141 (Western District of Washington, filed Jan. 30, 2017)

Washington v. Trump --- Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Parties' Motions and Briefs --- Court Orders


Proposed Intervenors

Amicus Briefs


Technology Companies and Other Businesses

97 technology companies signed on to an amicus brief Feb. 5. More companies joined the brief by filing "joinder letters."