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Presidential Power: Immigration

We have the University of Washington School of Law to thank for parts of this outstanding review of Presidential power.

The President & Immigration

For an overview of President Obama's deferred action programs for certain noncitizens, currently under threat of being revoked by President Trump:

A discussion of DACA/DAPA as an exercise of positive discretion:

The following short articles provide analysis of some possible limits to the interior enforcement executive actions from various perspectives:

Additional Resources: Executive Orders & Articles

Additional Resources: Cases

Additional Resources: News & Commentary

Ali v. Trump

Ali v. Trump --- NEWS

No. 2:17-cv-00135 (Western District of Washington, filed Jan. 30, 2017).

Ali v. Trump --- CASE DOCUMENTS

Ali v. Trump, No. 17-00135 (Western District of Washington, filed Jan. 30, 2017)