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Nurse Anesthesia Guide: Citation Tools

A guide to finding resources that are important for Nurse Anesthesia graduate students

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RefWorks Instructions

Follow the instructions in the video to set up your RefWorks account.  If you have any problems you are welcome to contact me. 

RefWork Set-Up


How to use write-n-cite:

Write-N-Cite is a RefWorks utility that allows users to cite sources from within a Microsoft Word document. It will format both the in-text citations and reference list/bibliography automatically

Follow the instructions to download Write-N-Cite Off Campus.

Note: You DO NOT need a group code. Instead, paste a link into RefWork's WNC Proxy Configuration Utility in the Start menu under Refworks. Read carefully about how to download the utility Off Campus.

"Write -N-Cite" sign willll appear on all Word documents in the top right hand corner.


Citing References: Steps

  1. From your Word Processor, click on Write-N-Cite in the right top corner of the Word document or on your desktop to launch Write-N- Cite.
  2. Log-in using the same login and password as for RefWorks.
  3. Select the proper folder from View Folder.
  4. From your Word Processor, click the insertion point (the point where you want the reference inserted).
  5. Switch to Write-N-Cite and click the Cite link adjacent to the correct reference. (Note: Write-N-Cite automatically
    inserts the opening and closing curly brackets as well as the Ref ID, Author Last Name, and Year.)
  6. To cite a second reference in the same location, click the Cite link for the second reference. The reference information is automatically inserted in the same set of curly brackets.

Note: The in-text references are not the final product—they are coded. The final document will be formatted when you create a bibliography.

Creating a Reference List/Bibliography

  1. Click Bibliography to generate the formatted paper.
  2. Select the Output Style and select Create Bibliography

Note: Write-N-Cite will create bibliography only from the records that you cited. RefWorks will create bibliography, including all the citations that you have in the folder. If you need to make edits to the document, be sure to edit the original document and re-create the formatted document by running the bibliography process again.

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